Hulk Hogan Allegedly ‘Sabotaged’ WrestleMania

WWE icon Hulk Hogan is considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers to grace the squared circle. However, according to the former WWE Champion Sycho Sid, also known as Sid Vicious, the Hulkster was a horrible worker. Shawn Michaels ‘Kissed’ Top WWE Wrestler



Sid Vicious says Hulk Hogan was responsible for the horrible ending

During a recent interview with POST Wrestling, Vicious recalled his WrestleMania VIII match with Hogan and reflected on the disastrous ending to the bout. He then lambasted Hogan and blamed him for the ending.

He said:

“Well yeah [there was more money for WrestleMania] but the thing is you don’t see that money for three months so you don’t think about that dude,” he added. “Yeah, I turned down more money than I was getting there. It was okay. It was nothing that I’m gonna say it was my favorite night of the year or anything like that. It was a horrible match with [Hulk] Hogan that night too. Hogan was a horrible worker so that’s what made that.”

It is not very often that the Hulkster is criticized about his wrestling skills but Vicious slammed the Hall of Famer. Hogan was recently the host of WrestleMania 37 alongside Titus O’Neil.

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