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Hulk Hogan Calls Scott Steiner a Liar, Confirms Legal Situation with Lawyers

– We noted earlier that Scott Steiner was accusing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff of having their lawyers contact him about the recent war of words they have had on Twitter. Hogan says those were TNA’s lawyers that contacted Steiner. Hogan wrote on Twitter:

“Tried to be cool,not only a clown but also a liar.those weren’t my lawyers they were TNA lawyers.well I guess it’s time to call my guys in,”

“I really hope he saved his money or is making tons from the independents he’s working because it’s gonna get expensive,maby he’s smart enough to at least figure it out when it starts getting real,what a shame,what a waste of a great talent,but u can’t tell an idiot their an Idiot. It’s really sad when you really thought someone was really cool. HH”

  • MJ

    Wait it took hulk hogan NOW To fucking say something!? Does he not realize scott called his daughter a fucking whore who can’t act or dance?

    If scott’s a liar about hogan being a pussy then hogan really isn’t helping proving it’s false!

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @poko, look at it this way, how come Steiner is being confronted like this when people like Warrior, who go on similar rants, get off scot free?

  • poko

    You really think the first amendment means you can say anything you want, anytime or anywhere? It does not. There are obviously limitations, and those limitations aren’t magically erased just because it’s on Twitter.

    That being said, Steiner has every right to speak his opinion, as long as what he says isn’t demonstrably false.

    I haven’t read everything that’s been posted, because honestly, both sides have been childish and stupid. I do remember some threatening language to Bischoff, but they that was pretty nebulous, and I doubt would be grounds for anything much, maybe a restraining order at the most. I’ve skipped most of the dialogue, though, so who knows.

    These are three of the most massive egos in the universe. It was bound to get ugly.

  • reverse prince albert

    i’m suing you gorilla, you’re a liar!!!

  • 1919dpg

    what’s he suing scott for? for calling him out on his terrible booking and calling him a pussy?

    it’s interesting how nobody aside from bischoff and hulk have denied any of the backstage antics. this could indicate they’re true.

  • Shawn

    You cannot sue someone over what they say on Twitter. Also, see, FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUION OF THE UNITED STATES! lol, Hogan is a moron. Uh, oh…. hope he doesn’t sue me too!

  • shawn

    from what i read from the Steiner articles there were no threats. him showing how cruel he can be (“ruthless”) isnt a threat unless he said he was going to be cruel to them in my mind. he also said hogans day was coming. nothing there.. even nice guys eat tish for doing nothing wrong.

  • Gorilla

    Hulk Hogan is on a level Steiner never got too so what else is there to say.

  • Stevie P

    Call lawyers about what? The guy is ranting on twitter. Defamation? Hogans ruining his own reputation.

  • CC

    Well going on your spelling Mr Hogan, you sir are an idiot.