Hulk Hogan Crazy ‘Drug Machine’ Revealed

Hulk Hogan has had an excellent time between the ropes. It’s his time outside the ropes that has always been in question and in the media trial. This comes due to the tales shared by people who have visited his parties.



Marty Jannetty is one such person who has been to many such parties by the Hulkster. He didn’t shy away from sharing information about what went on in those parties. Marty’s career has been filled with controversies where he had to even address that he wasn’t a murderer.

Loved him. He’s a great guy, great guy. He would throw parties, oh my god, those parties he would throw. He’d invite everybody, but for the Florida boys, which I was at the time, he would have…we’d go out on a three-level ship, because he lives in Tampa Bay. He would always invite all of us.

According to Ringside News, In a recent interview with WrestlingNews, Jannetty opened up about Hulk Hogan’s parties in Florida where he would always invite all the boys. He even talked about other things that were a part of these parties, and they weren’t always worthy of being called party material.

Food. I’m not gonna say the drugs part. But foods, drinks, and when I say drinks, you know what I’m talking about [laughs]. One time, don’t get mad at me, I’m sorry brother, just once, he had, when you walked in the front door, you know those gumball machines? You just turn…it was mixed drugs, and you’d turn it, and you’d take whatever comes out [laughs]. You can go back to the gumball machine, but when you walk in, it’s right there when you walk in the front door, and just [turn it], and three, four, five pills would just fall out.

Marty talked about how Hogan’s parties had gumball machines filled with drugs. Jannetty talked about how people had to take their chances with the pills that came out. While Hulk Hogan’s partying days are behind him, unless he is at his Beach Hangout, it’s clear that the gumball machines there have actual candy.

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