Hulk Hogan Daughter Looks Like Mess In Photo

Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan posted the following photos on her Instagram story.



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Hulk Hogan is long gone from having any power in WWE, as Triple H has proven to be the ultimate politician. WWE talent are happy to see Triple H back, with one calling Johnny Ace a ‘snake.’ Triple H will likely follow WWE’s new talent directive, unlike his old indie focused one. Shawn Michaels remains in charge of NXT. In fact, The Game is now the Executive Vice President of Talent and Relations in WWE and head of creative as well.

While speaking on the latest edition of the Impaulsive podcast, Triple H talked about hardcore wrestling. The Game simply said that he thinks hardcore wrestling is not really memorable at all.

“I often think that a lot of times that stuff is overblown. If you watch a movie and it’s just a slasher film, it’s fun but it’s not gonna stick with you forever. It’s just blood and guts and it’s slashing and everything’s just like, who can do the more violent kill or the crazier kill or whatever that is, then what’s the most ridiculous way somebody can die in this movie and have their guts come out and an eye pop out of their head or whatever that is. It doesn’t stick with you, it’s not memorable.

Even in that era, we did a lot of crazy stuff that was mind-blowing and was shock television but the reason it lasted was not because of the shock television. What kept you there was the emotion and the storytelling, you don’t need the shock if you tell the emotion and the storytelling.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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