Hulk Hogan Daughter Marries Famous Athlete

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has surprised the fans with surprise appearences. These moments have left people in admiration of him in the past. This time though, it’s his daughter who has surprised fans with a formal update on her marriage. The former TNA/Impact Wrestling employee recently shared information on her husband.



Brooke Hogan married hockey player Steven Oleksy back in 2022. NoDQ reports that Brooke Hogan shared a long post about her husband’s appearance in public. This is the formal acceptance by Hogan’s daughter. Brooke shared the details on Instagram and thanked people for their encouragement.

She wrote, “A rare sighting of the husband. We like to keep to ourselves, but somehow the news is out. ‍♀️So here he is, people: The kindest, sweetest badass you’ll ever meet. I’m really lucky. God did me a solid on this one❤️Thank you for all the kind words of celebration and encouragement. We feel so blessed. Thank you for being kind. ☺️ Now back to our regularly scheduled privacy. ”

Fans have shared kind words on the post and have been generous towards her. It’s this appreciation by the fans that makes the post even beautiful. Brooke likes to maintain privacy and she even mentioned it in her Instagram caption. She worked in wrestling for some time. Hulk Hogan’s daughter has been away from the public eye over the years and didn’t even attend her father’s wedding in 2023.


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