Hulk Hogan Daughter Red Swimsuit Photo Revealed

Hulk Hogan’s daughter took to her Instagram and uploaded a photo of herself in a red bikini.



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The past is like your ass… behind you 🥸

The history between WWE legends Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake is one filled with both camaraderie and contention. During their time in WWE, spanning from 1984 to 1993, they shared the ring countless times, sometimes as rivals and other times as partners. In 2019, Hogan had the honor of inducting Beefcake into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame, a moment that should have solidified their friendship. However, it appears that their relationship has soured since then, and the two are no longer on speaking terms.

Hogan recently addressed their falling out during an appearance on This Past Weekend with Theo Von. He revealed that their relationship hit a rough patch, leading to their current state of estrangement. Though he didn’t delve into the specifics of what caused the rift, Hogan did hint that it had something to do with Beefcake’s wife, Melissa DeGloria, whom he has been married to since 2013. Hogan made it clear that his issues were primarily with her and not so much with Beefcake himself, but the damage to their friendship seems irreparable.

When asked if there was a possibility of reconciliation in the future, Hogan seemed disinterested, stating that he would pass on the idea. Despite their history of sharing the road and being close travel companions for four years, Hogan doesn’t see any reason to rekindle their friendship.

Over the years, there have been rumors and speculation surrounding Hogan and Beefcake’s relationship, and at one point, Hogan even threatened to sue Beefcake over a potentially revealing tell-all book. Although it seemed that they had managed to patch things up in the past, the recent falling out suggests that the animosity still lingers.

Beefcake’s wife has publicly called on Hogan to mend their friendship, but it seems Hogan remains unmoved by the suggestion. While Hogan is preparing for his third marriage after announcing his engagement to Sky Daily, Beefcake is currently in his third marriage to Melissa DeGloria.

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