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Hulk Hogan gets caught without pants, check out Lana’s bikini photoshoot

Hulk Hogan has been through some trials in his life but this one takes the cake. We’ve watched the Hulkster battle Andre The Giant, Yokozuna, and Gawker but he’s never experienced something like this before.

Hogan recently found himself locked out of his own house without any pants on. Just imagine your surprise if you were driving home and you saw an underwear-clad Hulk Hogan wondering around his own front yard trying to get in the house. Would you stop and help him break in?

We can only assume Hollywood made it back in safe and sound because the tweet also poses the dilemma that you are also without your phone which would make it awfully hard to tweet. Therefore we’re guessing he’s okay because he obviously got to his phone. But the explicitly worded tweet leads us to believe this is at least somewhat autobiographical.

God speed Hulkster, try to keep your pants on and if you’re going to take them off make sure you have your keys if you decide to leave your house.

Lana is back and she’s not playing around. She went straight for Naomi’s SmackDown Women’s Title multiple times but has always come up short. Now she’s in the fatal five-way elimination match at Battleground (or Battlefield if you’re in Germany). If she wins the match Lana will become the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

However, that seems unlikely seeing how every woman on the SmackDown roster seems to want to destroy her. Her only friend is Tamina and that’s a strange dynamic, isn’t it? Then again stranger things have happened before.

Lana was able to take a break from the ring and her worries about being #1 contender for Naomi’s glowing championship to pose for some pictures by the¬†pool. She seemed to have a great time and now you can enjoy it at your leisure.

  • jedi

    Handsome Rusev lmfao that was my fab promo of his!

  • Sparti Love

    What’s the difference between seeing Hogan in his underwear and what he normally wears to the ring?

  • Vishal Hussain

    What happened to Hogan literally happened to Apu on the Simpsons lmao.

  • MrDr3w

    Probably. Because “Handsome Rusev” obviously thinks he’s the more attractive one in the relationship.

  • jedi

    Anyone else think they are making Lana show her stuff & act like a stripper to upset Rusev?

  • MrDr3w


  • TheFizPop

    Please don’t show Lana in bikini photos! It’s not what the Universe wants and for views/traffic you have to adhere to your audience’s petulant demands!! Isn’t there any images from in ring wrestling action of Finn or Sami we can use instead please?