Hulk Hogan Hits Back At Black Woman Accusation

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan had been involved in several controversies and allegations of racism. He has now faced fresh accusations that could further taint his reputation. Influencer Essence Jenai claimed that ‘The Hulkster’ fired her as an ambassador for his ‘Real American Beer’ due to her race. In response, Hogan’s spokesperson has strongly denied these allegations.



Jenai alleged that Hogan hired her as an ambassador only to dismiss her the next day upon discovering she is Black. She took to social media to share her experience, uploading photos and detailing her sudden dismissal.

Jenai previously explained that her contract was intended to last a week. However, after promoting the brand for just one day on July 2nd, Hogan allegedly canceled her contract. On July 3rd, she was replaced by other ambassadors who were white. Jenai also shared a text message from Hogan’s team noting that Hogan wanted to cancel the events completely. However, she claimed this was untrue, as Hogan continued the events with the new ambassadors.

A representative of ‘Real American Beer’ told Sean Ross Sapp about Essence Jenai’s allegations against Hulk Hogan. The representative vehemently denied the allegations, labeling them as false rumors. They clarified that ‘Real American Beer’ had merely terminated its short-term relationship with a third-party marketing agency and that Hulk Hogan had no involvement in this decision, nor was race a factor.

“We are deeply troubled by the false rumor circulating on social media that a brand ambassador hired by a third-party marketing agency was terminated by Hulk Hogan for racial reasons. Real American Beer simply ended its short-term relationship with the third-party marketing agency. Hulk Hogan was not involved in that decision, and race was not a factor. We are in communication with the agency to clear up the misunderstanding and incorrect information, and we believe this false statement will be withdrawn.”

Hogan is facing these accusations at a time when Hulk Hogan is working to rebuild his brand, and they certainly did him no favors.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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