Hulk Hogan Insulted Cody Rhodes Family Member

In a deleted Tweet AEW star Dustin Rhodes (Goldust in WWE) wrote: “I could care less for Hogan. He didn’t want to work with me at a pitched Wrestlemania because he said I had buggy whip arms.”



Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes departed WWE back in 2016 and he spent the next 6 years establishing himself as a main event level talent in various promotions, honing his craft everywhere.

Speaking with Robbie Fox of My Mom’s Basement, Cody Rhodes talked about the huge crowd reaction he received during the 2013 Money In The Bank match. Rhodes revealed that due to the reaction he got from fans, Rhodes decided to hold back on his decision to leave WWE at that time.

“For them to have got with me that night (at Money in the Bank 2013), a career milestone. I wouldn’t have stayed with WWE as long as I did had that moment not happened… 2013? Oh yeah (I was thinking about leaving WWE)… I feel like after 2011, ‘12, I was already starting to explore the idea in my mind of could I leave home? Could I try something different? And the world was growing. But yeah, 2013, I definitely was at least thinking about putting a foot out the door so, and that was a moment where I went, nope, nope. We’re clearly doing something right but, you know…”

At the SummerSlam Premium Live Event, Cody Rhodes squared off against Brock Lesnar in a trilogy bout. ‘The American Nightmare’ emerged victorious in that outing after a back and forth bout full of action.

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