Hulk Hogan Makes Gay Slurs In Leaked Sex Tape – Read His Comments Here

Radar Online has posted the latest from the sex tape that Hulk Hogan was recorded in with Heather Clem, without his consent and this time Hogan said somethings about people who are gay.



“VH1 wanted me to do a big thing and go back to the house I grew up in. So we knock on the door and a big f*g lives there now!” He continues, “This half-gay was enamored with Linda,” speaking about his now ex-wife, Linda Hogan.

Bubba The Love Sponge walked into the room and Hogan told him that he doesn’t want his wife at his death bed following the negative things that have gone on between the two.

“Dude, the only thing I will ever ask of you … I don’t know how you will pull this off … is, if I am ever on my death bed, you cannot let Linda come and visit me.”

You can read the whole story by clicking here.

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