Hulk Hogan New Girlfriend Looks Like Brooke In Photo

Hulk Hogan is divorcing his second wife Jennifer, and he has a new blonde girlfriend named Sky.



Hogan tweeted, “Yo Maniacs just for the record,the Facebook and Instagram posts are of me and my girlfriend Sky,I am officially divorced, sorry I thought everyone already knew,love my Maniacs4Life.”

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The Miz is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most versatile WWE Superstars in the company and also a proper veteran in the pro wrestling business. The Miz was also seemingly ripped off by a fired WWE Superstar last year.

Carmella is currently one of the top stars in WWE’s women’s division and it is not difficult to see why. Carmella is also one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions along with Zelina Vega. Carmella recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet, where she talked about her career in WWE so far. Carmella then proceeded to reveal that The Miz has been a huge mentor to her and never failed to help her when she needed it.

“For me, I would honestly say The Miz, you know, whenever I have an issue or a problem, whether it be anything related to creative or with my character or something, going on in a match, I go to him and I try to, for me, if I could be the female Miz, like, that would be an amazing accomplishment, you know, they trust The Miz.

They put him in any position, will shine no matter what, and he is not afraid to lean into his role as a bad guy, and I consider that the same for myself. I like to lean into my role, and anytime I have a problem or issue, whatever is I go to him, he’s gonna be honest, sometimes brutally honest, but he always helps me out.”

Vince McMahon has been WWE Chairman since 1982 when he bought WWE from his father Vince Sr and his partners. McMahon saw quite a few changes in his company over the last few decades on top of that. All through that, the WWE Chairman continued to adapt to the changing times. However, many fans now feel that he is out of touch and simply has no idea what is good for a WWE Superstar and their growth. The WWE Chairman is larger than life in many ways and he also has his own oddities and problems as well.
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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