Hulk Hogan Promotes MCW, Reveals an Old Friend Who Will Be Joining Him

– Hulk Hogan appeared on NBC 4’s New York Live on Friday to promote TruTV’s Micro Championship Wrestling going into their debut next week. Hogan talked about wanting to help the promotion get off the ground to help the wrestlers have a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Hogan said he was brought into MCW by the owner, who he called Randy Savage’s best friend. He did not mention TNA.



Hogan also revealed that Brian Knobbs will be joining him on the show. Knobbs will be driving the MCW wrestlers around in a Winnebago.

The interviewers brought up criticism over how Hogan’s new wife Jennifer looks like his daughter Brooke. Hogan says he’s heard that and also heard that Brooke looks like his ex-wife Linda. Hogan said, “so apparently from a distance, all blondes look alike.”

Source: PWInsider

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