Hulk Hogan ‘Put Over’ New AEW Wrestler

Hulk Hogan was revealed to have ‘put over’ debuting AEW star Big Show and credit for making his career in a new podcast. During the latest edition of SK Wrestling’s Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone famed WCW official Nick Patrick discussed Hulk Hogan and the newest AEW signing – Paul Wight, known to WCW audiences as ‘The Giant’ and to WWE audiences as ‘The Big Show. During this interview, Patrick discussed how Hogan helped make Wight a major star in World Championship Wrestling. Hulk Hogan hinted at an in-ring return not too long ago.



“Work-wise, Hogan really is great at psychology. You know, you hear a lot of people blast Hogan. ‘He couldn’t do this.’ Maybe he might not have been the greatest technical worker in the business but he certainly had psychology. If you watch that particular match, he really made Paul. Paul, like I said, he was young, he was green, he [Hulk Hogan] brought him in and made him The Giant.”

As The Giant, Wight faced Hulk Hogan several times in WCW after making his debut for the company in 1995. Wight would go on to defeat Hogan for WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Halloween Havoc of that year, while Hulk Hogan would defeat him at WCW Superbrawl VI and WCW Hog Wild 1996. The two would fight to a no contest during 1997’s Souled Out pay-per-view event.

Credit to SportsKeeda for the transcription.

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