Hulk Hogan Recalls The Night He Considered Taking His Own Life

– There is an exerpt from Hulk Hogan’s book “My Life Outside The Ring” on the MSNBC website that focuses on the night Hogan contemplated taking his own life.



“Three pounds,” Hogan wrote. “I remember thinking, Three pounds of pressure is all it takes to pull this thing. Do you know how easy that would’ve been? I’d been staring at myself in the bathroom mirror for two days straight. Two days.

“A gun was in my hand and my finger was on the trigger and I was thinking, It would just be so easy. I felt like a snake charmer. I was headed down this dark road convincing myself it was a road I wanted to take. The weird thing was, I didn’t even remember bringing that gun into the bathroom. When did I pick this up? Was it in the safe? Did I have it in the car with me the other night? I bought that gun years ago to protect my family. A last resort. Was I really gonna use it for this?”

Read the full passage here.

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