Hulk Hogan Scary Pool Photo Revealed

Hulk Hogan remains one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling, with his influence in the business never being understated. However, his troubled past concerning racism has ultimately led to his downfall. Hulk Hogan was booed at WrestleMania 37 when he was introduced with Titus O’Neil as the hosts of the pay-per-view, which all stemmed from him using racial slurs in a leaked 2015 sex tape. A WWE Hall Of Famer also attacked Hulk Hogan after WWE RAW botch. 



The Hulkster recently took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of his front yard, which showed that a huge reptile present at his residence.

Had a lot of snakes roll through in my life,but she ls definitely gonna hurt ya straight up brother HH
On a recent episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff explained why fans never got to see Hulk Hogan square off against Bret Hart in WCW.

 “I’ve mentioned before and with all due respect to Bret because I try really hard not to be negative. Look, Bret Hart amazing performer in a class all of his own when it comes to in-ring performance and his technical abilities. I loved watching Bret Hart matches I still do because of the level of almost perfection that he had in some ways in the ring. But, when Bret got to WCW he had gone through a lot. The Montreal Screwjob thing had much more of an impact on him than most people know and maybe even more than he’s willing to admit at this point in time. But, there was no rush. It wasn’t that I don’t want to suggest it because of that I didn’t book Hogan right away with Bret. No. It’s because when I brought Bret in it was because of Thunder. It was because Ted Turner was determined to bring in Thunder. I knew to avoid the dilution of the product that I could see coming I had to separate the rosters so that you didn’t have talent crossing over constantly because now you’ve got five hours of prime time wrestling on a week. It’s just no way to sustain that from a creative perspective.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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