Hulk Hogan Son Major WWE Rumor Leaks

Nick Hogan and Hulk Hogan are surrounded in controversy. The two are so disliked by many that Hulk Hogan received no praise at all when he showed up for WrestleMania to co-host the show. Nick Hogan, on the other hand, is disliked for leading to a death of a friend by a motor vehicle accident. Would grabbing Nick Hogan be that much of a win for WWE? John Cena Spotted With Top AEW Star.



Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Nick Hogan discussed a potential career in wrestling to follow his father’s footsteps: “You know, I never rule it out. I think about it all the time and I never rule it out. There’s always a couple times a year where I take a break from the music schedule and I really think about how I want to carve some time over here (FSW in Las Vegas). Last year, actually, I made some plans to go and start getting in the ring to bounce around again because it’s been a couple of years.”

Nick continued: “Right when I was going there, I dislocated my shoulder again and it put me out and, as soon as it healed, the music schedule picked up again and I did not make it over there. My shoulder is healed, but it’s a chronic dislocation and it gets affected real easy, so it needs an in-depth surgery to fix. It feels good right now and I have been thinking about going back there in FSW to get back in the ring and just get a little try-out to see what’s left, you know?”

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