Hulk Hogan Spanks Fan In Embarrassing Video

Hulk Hogan, who’s most defintely a massive name in professional wrestling history, continues to make waves outside the ring with his diverse ventures. Recently, Hogan launched his own brand of beer called “Real American Beer,” which has garnered attention for its unique marketing tactics.



In a recent Instagram post, Hogan shared a video where he engaged in a playful skit at Hooters with Frankie LaPenna. In the video, Hogan wrestled over the Undisputed WWE Championship with Frankie, eventually spanking him before putting him through a table while promoting his beer. Hogan captioned the post, “@frankielap thought he had a chance #realamericanbeer.”

Beyond his beer venture, Hulk Hogan has also made headlines for his political aspirations, openly expressing interest in running for President of the United States. Regardless, The WWE Hall of Famer will continue to do things that makes him happy and that is more or less all he can care about right now.


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Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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