Hulk Hogan talks about the night WWE fired him

Hulk Hogan recently had an interview with OBJECTified on FOX News where he talked openly about lots of things. While the full interview is not out yet, here are few of the highlights which are worth reading:



Hogan was released by WWE from his contract back in 2015 after his controversial sex tape got leaked in which the WWE Legend was heard making some racial remarks.

Talking about the time, the former World Champion said that that he didn’t expect to get fired and it caught him off guard:

“When I heard this was going to happen, I called them on a Thursday or a Friday. As I hung up the phone that night, they fired me in the morning, it really caught me off guard, I didn’t expect it because the WWE knows who I am. I’m not that person, that’s not who I am and that’s not what I do.”

Since the incident, WWE has pretty much-erased Hulk from their history like several other superstars and the company hardly ever mentions him in any context.

Talking about this, the Hulkster said that the company did what was best for business. Though he also claimed that it hit him hard:

“I think they did what was best for business; They were worried about losing sponsors and network support. It was tough, it hit me hard, When you look at a 40-year career, it’s just gone.”

The full interview of Hulk Hogan can be seen on Fox News this Sunday, which will be aired just after the No Mercy PPV.

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