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Hulk Hogan teases appearances at WWE Crown Jewel and WrestleMania

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was recently reinstated in the WWE Hall of Fame and had an opportunity to speak to the WWE locker room at Extreme Rules.

While his speech backstage was met with some backlash, the WWE and Hogan were clearly working towards his possible TV return. While it hasn’t happened as of yet, the Hulkster revealed in an interview with theĀ Orlando Sentinel that he could be heading to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.

There are lots of plans in the works. I’m looking forward to going to Saudi Arabia with the WWE, looking forward to WrestleMania, but yeah, we’re moving forward at a rapid pace. It’s exciting to have this opportunity again after all these years where I was gone.

Hogan went on to discuss his idea for this stage in his career and how he’d like to be used by the company.

This is a total ego trip, but this is what I would love: To be the hood ornament of the WWE, to be the Babe Ruth of the WWE, and to always be around when any of the big stuff is going on.

I sure would love to be a part of the WrestleManias and the big events and the grand openings and the new conquests of the WWE. Saudi Arabia! Hong Kong! China! Antarctica! The North Pole! Whatever it is, I’d like to be part of the ongoing growth of the wrestling business, and be with WWE the whole time, that’s the only place.

Recently, the WWE advertised Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall’s NWO Reunion Tour.

Do you think we’ll see Hulk Hogan make his return at WWE Crown Jewel? Will he be involved with WrestleMania? Let us know how you think the company will utilize Hulkamania in the near future.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So him saying hes going to both, is teasing?!

  • CC

    The man is an idiot. If he was going to Saudi he would already be announced by WWE surely or they would want it as a surprise, so saying it outright like this is either a lie or he has gone against WWE’s wishes.

    Or maybe be will be going there on his own ha ha

  • Omar

    Always the shill.