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Hulk Hogan To Be Removed From Two Big Films From WWE Studios

WWE continues to make edits to several projects that at one time involved Hulk Hogan.

WWE Studios will have to edit out the opening scene of the “Celebrity Death Pool” film, which features Hogan.

Also, Hogan was set to appear in the upcoming WWE-Scooby Doo animated film sequel with Dusty Rhodes but is expected not to appear in the film as the studio will remove all scenes involving Hogan.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    This seems awfully familiar. You idiots can’t erase history nor condemn someone for bias remarks, and expect the world to follow suite. This all has to do with the damned General Lee/Confederate Flag Conspiracy. Erasing one individual to set an example is NOT the way to go about anything. It’s like taking the flag out of video games. It’s not going to work. Remain ignorant or WAKE UP!