Hulk Hogan Was Humiliated By WWE Star With Girlfriend

Few names shine as brightly as Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. Both iconic WWE Superstars left an indelible mark on the sport, but it was their epic clash in the 80s that still reverberates through the halls of wrestling lore.



Hulk Hogan, known worldwide as the Hulkster, was the embodiment of charisma and success in the wrestling industry. But towering over him, both literally and figuratively, was the awe-inspiring presence of Andre The Giant. With a colossal frame and undeniable power, Andre was a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences wherever he went.

What made Andre even more impressive was his surprising agility and in-ring skills, which allowed him to elevate any opponent he faced. Throughout his illustrious career, Andre engaged in numerous memorable rivalries, but none more iconic than the one with the Hulkster.

Their feud, etched in the memories of wrestling fans, had a humble beginning. In the early years, Hogan found himself on the receiving end of Andre’s disdain. The larger-than-life Giant didn’t hold back in showing his displeasure, subjecting Hogan to torment both inside and outside the ring.

In a recent interview on This Past Weekend with Theo Von, Hulk Hogan opened up about the challenges he faced during those formative years. “The hardest thing for me was — the first 8 or 9 years — he didn’t like me at all and tortured me. When we got in the ring, he showed me how much he didn’t like me,” Hogan revealed, reflecting on the intense rivalry.

One particular incident showcased the intensity of their animosity. Hogan recounted a time when he innocently brought a flight attendant to one of his matches. When Andre got wind of this, he made it his mission to embarrass the Hulkster in the ring, turning their showdown into a highly charged battle of pride and supremacy.

Hogan stated that he would get humiliated at times. He noted on specific event: “I made the mistake of bringing a flight attendant to the Capitol Center in Washington,” Hogan remembered, “and I put her first row and I didn’t tell Andre. He heard her say ‘Come on, Terry!’ and he figured out she was with me, and he about killed me. Took me back in the ring … he tied the bottom and the second rope and put my neck in it, took his size 27 boot … almost broke my neck in the ropes. Then I had those yellow tights. He picked me up like a damn stork, with my b*lls and my a** hanging out and carried me around in front of this girl with my junk hanging out.”

But it was precisely these trials and tribulations that molded Hogan into the megastar he became. The feuds with Andre pushed him to his limits, testing his mettle and forcing him to grow as a competitor. As the rivalry unfolded, the world watched in awe, witnessing the clash of two titans that would go down in wrestling history.

In the end, Hulk Hogan emerged victorious, solidifying his status as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. The feud with Andre The Giant played a pivotal role in shaping his illustrious career, and even today, fans remember the iconic moments that defined their rivalry.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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