Hulk On Larry King: TNA, His Son Wrestling?, Suicide, Marriage & More

Hulk Hogan appeared on Larry King Live last night on CNN to plug his new book, My Life Outside The Ring. The interview started off with Hulk explaining why he came out with the book now, saying that he wants to give people hope and show them that life is worth fighting for.



He says that he “crashed and burned” and his life as he knew it had changed when he walked into his house and it was completely empty. He says he prayed to be happy, and things changed instantly. He recounts the story where he came close to suicide but a friendly phone call from Layla Ali gave him hope. He talks about how he hardly knew her but she called to check on him because she saw how lost he was on the set of American Gladiators when he was served with the divorce papers. Larry got a quote from Ali who says she had no idea the shape he was in when she called her, but that the phone call was divine intervention.

He says they weren’t hiding anything on Hogan Knows Best, but rather were hoping that the show would bring them together. He says he has learned that life is beautiful, and he doesn’t retract anything in the book because it’s all the truth. Hulk briefly mentions that Linda is still with Charlie Hill, who went to school with his children.

Larry calls Hulk’s story “incredible” and says the book is sure to be a best-seller.

They show a clip of Nick Hogan on Brooke Knows Best talking about losing his mind in solitary confinement in jail. Hulk says Nick is a great kid and walks in the spirit of Christ. He says both Nick and Brooke are great kids, and what happened with Nick was an accident. Hulk’s lawyer says that Hulk has always wanted to take care of John Graziano, but they feel some people among John’s guardians have ulterior motives. He says Hulk is being sued because he co-owned the vehicle and allowed his son to drive it. He says Brooke is working on her career and doing great things.

Hulk says he’s handled all of the recent events in his life by going back to a place that was real, and that was back of inside himself to find the spirit of Christ. He says that he already possesses everything he needs to be happy inside him, and now he attracts positive things because he‘s realized that.

They show footage from Hulk Hogan’s press conference at Madison Square Garden today. They show a bunch of fans wearing their Hulkamania gear and that one guy with a huge Hulk Hogan tattoo on his back. Larry mentions that Hulk has signed with TNA, and asks if Hulk will get back in the ring. Hulk says he is going to contribute as much as he can in TNA and take the business to a whole new level. He says he’s going to test out his legs in the ring in Australia before he decides if he’ll get in the TNA ring or not.

On the subject of steroids, he says when he got in the business everyone was using them and it was the norm. He says around 1988-1990 people got educated on it and realized it wasn’t necessary.

Hulk says Nick Hogan is heading out to Rikishi’s wrestling school in north Hollywood in his spare time and is learning the ropes. He thinks Nick is curious about what attracted his dad to the wrestling business all those years and wants to get in shape.

To close off the segment, Hulk says he wants to do a reality show where they find the next Hulk Hogan, like American Idol for wrestling.

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