Hulkamania Tour Results – November 21st, 2009

– Thanks to Ron Wohl for the following report from the Hulkamania tour debut in Melbourne, Australia today:



Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania Tour
Melbourne Australia – November 21st, 2009
Report by Ron Wohl

Me and a pal attended the Hulkamania opener in Melbourne tonight. The arena was about 50% full with lots of section tarped off. They were giving out tons of tickets and offering deals on tickets this weekend and still you could see many empty seats. It was announced that the show will be put on DVD soon and shown for free on One HD next month.

* Nick Dinsmore & The Godfather defeated Rock of Love in a short match. Pimpfather got the win and brought his hoes in the ring.

* Matt Cross defeated Shannon Moore with the SSP. Okay match with Shannon botching a big spot on the floor. Ouch.

* The Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart defeated Vampire Warrior and Black Pearl in a street fight. Good, entertaining match. Nastys were awesome.

* Brutus Beefcake with Jimmy Hart beat Heidenreich in a short match with the sleeper hold. Really bad match I thought. Brutus and Jimmy hit the ref adter the match and cut his hair.

* Lacey Von Erich won a bikni contest. Nothing even close to being special or great. A local indy guy appeared and the Pimpfather hosted the thing. Boring.

* Ric Flair cut an insane, amazing, great promo. Unreal here. Flair ripped on Hogan and said he would make him bleed like never before. Great stuff, worth the DVD probably. Everyone ate it up.

* Ken Anderson defeated Sean Morley in a horrible match. Anderson didn’t use his Kennedy schtick but replaced it with Anderson and was good on the mic. However, he looked like crap and he and the former Val Venis stunk the place up with this one. Kennedy won with the Mic Check.

* Too Cool defeated Edward Smith Fatu (Umaga) and Orlando Jordan. Too Cool was made up of Rikishi and Brian Christopher. Umaga took a nasty bump. Too Cool got the win though and celebrated to an enormous pop afterwards.

* Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair in the main event. Flair came out with different music, a bit of a remix to his usual theme. A Hogan promo aired before he came out and everyone ate it up. Hogan used his old WCW music. You could see lots of guys including Eric Bischoff at the curtain watching this one. Hogan looked off balance at times. Lots of blood here as both did the blade job. Flair was literally covered in blood. This was kind of slow but entertaining I guess. Flair locked on the Figure Four when LACEY VON ERICH ran out. Hogan hit the big boot when Lacey got on the apron and distracted the ref. Hogan got his brass knuckles and nailed Flair to win. Hogan celebrated while Flair made an exit left to the back. Hogan left the normal way and was congratulated it looked like by Eric Bischoff.

The show was fun but obviously not the best wrestling you will find. But what did you expect? Some moments were sad to see, some angered you to no end like the Kennedy match but hey, it is what it is.

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