Hunter Biden Explodes At Trump After Escaping Testimony

Hunter Biden appeared before the media with the Capitol in the background and stated that he would defy the House Oversight Committee subpoena. Hunter said that he is ready for a public congressional hearing instead of a private deposition. The first son of The United States of America lashed out at the “unrelenting Trump attack machine.”



Rep. James Comer denied the offer by Hunter Biden. Hunter also lashed out at Maga Republicans during his appearance in front of the media. According to Mediaite, Hunter said, “I’m here today to acknowledge that I’ve made mistakes in my life and wasted opportunities and privileges I was afforded. For that, I’m responsible for that. I’m accountable. And for that, I’m making amends.”

The first son of United States of America continued and said, “But I’m also here today to correct how the Maga right has betrayed me for their political purposes. I am first and foremost a son, a father, a brother, and a husband from a loving and supportive family. I’m proud to have earned degrees from Georgetown University and Yale Law School. I’m proud of my legal career and business career. I’m proud of my time serving on a dozen different boards of directors, and I’m proud of my efforts to forge global business relationships.”

Hunter didn’t stop at this as he took out his frustrations and talked about the House Oversight Committee, which subpoenaed him. He said, “They have no shame. These same committee chairmen have engaged in unprecedented political interference in what would have already been a five-year investigation of me.” Hunter didn’t mince what he felt and even took this situation ahead by addressing the chairman.

He continued with his clear remarks about the chairman and what he thinks is happening as he shared his offer. Hunter said, “Yet here I am, Mr. Chairman, taking up your offer when you said we can bring these people in for depositions or committee hearings, whichever they choose.”

It would be interesting to see if things change for Hunter Biden in the future. Whatever happens, one thing is clear and it’s the fact that Maga Republicans will have a major task ahead of them as they may have to share their part of the story against the allegations put forward by United States of America’s first son.

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