Hunter Biden Gave Brother’s Wife Sad Drug

During a dramatic courtroom testimony, Hallie Biden, the sister-in-law and former lover of Hunter Biden, recounted how the first son introduced her to crack cocaine in the summer of 2018, a period she now regrets and finds embarrassing. Hallie, who is the widow of Hunter’s late brother, Beau Biden, provided insight into a pivotal moment in 2018 when she discovered a .38-caliber revolver that prosecutors allege Hunter illegally purchased.



Testifying under immunity, Hallie described Hunter’s distressed state when he arrived at her home on October 23, 2018, appearing tired and unkempt. She testified that she found remnants of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside Hunter’s Ford Raptor truck while attempting to clean it out in an effort to support his sobriety. Among the items she discovered was the Colt Cobra revolver and ammunition.

Panicked and fearing for the safety of her children, Hallie decided to dispose of the gun. She placed it inside a plastic shopping bag, then transferred it to a brown leather pouch, which she subsequently discarded in a garbage bin at a local grocery store. Surveillance footage presented to the jury captured these actions, revealing Hallie’s frantic attempts to rid herself of the firearm.

When questioned by defense attorney Abbe Lowell, Hallie admitted to vague recollections regarding the timing of the events and Hunter’s reaction to the missing gun. She acknowledged that Hunter became angry upon discovering the gun was gone but disputed claims that he instructed her to file a police report for its loss.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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