Hunter Biden Plea Deal Involving Trump Revealed

Politico reported about a copy of the Hunter Biden plea deal that was put on hold by Trump-appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika after a chaotic day in court and a snag involving ex-President Donald Trump via Media Ite.



After news broke last month that President Joe Biden’s only surviving son Hunter had reached a plea deal on three federal charges — two tax misdemeanors and one gun felony — ex-President Donald Trump and many other Republicans immediately complained loudly about the deal.

It has been noted that on Wednesday afternoon, the deal was thrown into turmoil as cable news breathlessly covered developments from the Delaware courtroom. The deal was ultimately put on hold and Biden entered a “not guilty” plea. The ordeal drew intense media attention and speculation.

Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan obtained copies of the proposed deal and the details of the diversion program, including one provision that Hunter Biden’s lawyers demanded over concern Trump could be re-elected and abuse his power to revoke Hunter’s probation:

“If the United States believes that a knowing material breach of this Agreement hag occurred, it may seek a determination by the United States District Judge for the District of Delaware with responsibility for the supervision of this Agreement.

Upon notice to Biden, the United States may seek a determination on a preponderance of the evidence presented to such District Judge. Biden shall have the right to present evidence to rebut any such claim in such proceeding.

If after that process the judge overseeing such process makes a final determination that Biden committed a knowing material breach of this Agreement, then the United States may elect from the following remedies depending on the nature and seriousness of the breach…”

The judge has objected to the provision on constitutional grounds, as such determinations are typically the purview of the executive branch, and ordered the parties to iron it out. The document also revealed the details the immunity that reportedly became a sticking point early in the court proceeding:

The United States agrees not to criminally prosecute Biden, outside of the terms of this Agreement, for any federal crimes encompassed by the attached Statement of Facts (Attachment A) and the Statement of Facts attached as Exhibit 1 to the Memorandum of Plea Agreement filed this same day. This Agreement does not provide any protection against prosecution for any future conduct by Biden or by any of his affiliated businesses.

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