Hunter Biden Prosecutor Drops Bombshell To Trump Fans

Special Counsel David Weiss recently declared authority over his own probe into Hunter Biden. He snubbed the claims that his investigation was impeded by the Justice Department via Mediaite.



During a closed-door meeting with the House Judiciary Committee investigators on Tuesday, Weiss was questioned about the extent of his authority and his handling of the investigation into President Joe Biden’s son.

Politico’s Jordain Carney obtained Weiss’s remarks, in which he noted the limits in what he could disclose about the investigation, but he argued in defense of his own autonomy while complying with the necessary regulations of the Justice Department:

I am, and have been, the decision-maker on this case. I do not, however, make these decisions in a vacuum. I am bound by federal law, the principles of federal prosecution and DOJ guidelines. As a result, there are processes that I must adhere to in making investigative and charging decisions. These processes did not interfere with my decision-making authority. At no time was I blocked, or otherwise prevented from pursuing charges or taking the steps necessary in the investigation by other United States Attorneys, the Tax Division or anyone else at the Department of Justice.

As I have said previously, I did not request Special Counsel status until August 2023. When I made that request, it was promptly granted.

Throughout this investigation, the career prosecutors on my team and I have made decisions based on the facts and the law. Political considerations played no part in our decision-making. Our analysis has been moored to the principles of federal prosecution, and going forward, my team and I will continue to abide by the same principles as we try to bring this matter to a just conclusion.

Weiss, the former prosecutor in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation, has stated that the DOJ did not influence his decisions. However, his statement contradicts what IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler have previously testified.

According to Shapley and Ziegler, Weiss was prevented from charging Hunter Biden, and he and other officials deliberately delayed the investigation. Moreover, Weiss allegedly didn’t have full authority over the probe.

Republicans are using these allegations of DOJ corruption to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. probe. Republicans are using these allegations of DOJ corruption to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

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