Hunter Biden Runs Away From Trump’s Congresswoman

According to Mediaite, Hunter Biden’s unexpected appearance on Capitol Hill triggered a significant political and media frenzy, and CNN’s John Berman succinctly captured the chaotic scene. The President’s son attended the House Oversight Committee meeting on Wednesday, coinciding with their discussion on the resolution to hold him in contempt of Congress. The surprise nature of Hunter’s presence caught reporters off guard, setting the stage for a tumultuous session.



As the hearing unfolded, the committee descended into chaos, marked by internal bickering among members. The situation reached a climax when Hunter Biden walked out on Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) just as she was preparing to address him critically. Following a prepared statement from Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, both swiftly left the Capitol, ignoring a barrage of questions from the media.

Reflecting on the events, John Berman, upon returning to CNN News Central, characterized the scene as “pure congressional mayhem.” Berman clarified that the House Oversight Committee had convened to discuss finding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for his reluctance to participate in a deposition. However, Hunter’s unexpected appearance disrupted the proceedings, surprising Republicans and leading to what Berman described as a “theatrical explosion” in the committee. The entire incident added a layer of unpredictability to the already charged political atmosphere surrounding Hunter Biden and the ongoing investigations.

“What you have been watching: pure congressional mayhem.”

“The House Oversight Committee was holding a hearing to find Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for not agreeing to appear for a deposition,” Berman continued. “The thing is, Hunter Biden showed up at the hearing, apparently surprising all the Republicans including the committee chair and just set off a theatrical explosion.”

Harrison Carter
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