Hunter Biden Using Crack Addiction To Get Out Of…

In a Delaware courtroom, Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial extended into its fifth day. Testimony from Hunter’s former partners detailing his past struggles with drug addiction was heard earlier in the week. Additionally, an FBI agent and the gun store clerk who sold Hunter a revolver in 2018 testified.



Former assistant District Attorney Phil Holloway discussed the trial on Fox News, emphasizing the damage done to Hunter Biden by the prosecution’s presentation. Holloway highlighted Hunter’s drug addiction at the time of purchasing the gun, particularly his use of crack cocaine. He also noted the defense’s strategy to evoke sympathy from the jury by showcasing the presence of the First Lady and other members of the Biden family in the courtroom, suggesting this could lead to jury nullification.

Holloway speculated that some jurors may have a favorable view of the Bidens due to the trial being in their home state. He explained that while lawyers cannot directly request jury nullification, the defense’s approach aims to indirectly prompt such an outcome.

The trial concluded Friday with the defense announcing they would not call additional witnesses, but they have until Monday to decide if Hunter will testify. Hunter’s daughter, Naomi Biden, testified earlier, expressing pride in her father’s rehabilitation efforts and stating he never used drugs in her presence. Despite public admissions of addiction, Hunter pleaded not guilty to charges including illegal firearm purchase and possession during drug abuse.

This trial marks the first instance of a sitting U.S. president’s child facing trial. President Joe Biden stated he would not pardon his son if found guilty, unequivocally ruling out the option during an interview with ABC’s David Muir.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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