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Impact President on if they are open to working with AEW

While The Young Bucks confirmed that they are starting a new promotion called AEW earlier this year, the duo didn’t reveal many details on how the company will be operated.

Due to this, fans have been wondering about the various aspects of the promotion, including whether or not they will be working with other wrestling companies.

While we still don’t know what AEW officials are thinking, it appears Impact Wrestling would be open to working with them as during the pre-homecoming Q&A session, Impact President Ed Nordholm was asked about developing relations with other companies like ROH and AEW, and he said this:

“Everything is possible; I think we’d be in the forefront of encouraging collaborations among the bigger and the smaller wrestling promotions. As an organization, we’re sure that we would all be stronger if we were collaborating, rather than fighting each other. … It’s a world in which we would welcome an opportunity to work with Ring of Honor. It’s a world in which we would welcome an opportunity working with New Japan. It’s a world in which we welcome working with AEW, if they actually get up and running. We have interest in them, I don’t think we have any bias against any of that happening.”

Do you see All Elite Wrestling working with other promotions once they take off or do you think they are more likely to adopt the WWE model? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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    I could certainly see them being willing to work with RoH and NJPW as they have ties to both of those promotions, but not sure there would be any benefit to working with Impact.

    I know it is a different management these days, but other tie ups that they have had in the past have nearly always ended dirty. I remember when they fell out with RoH and stopped all talent working for them, and it caused CM Punk to walk away from Impact and stick with RoH instead.
    Then of course there was the tie up with Global Force Wrestling.

    With the lack of exposure that Impact has now with their downgraded TV deal, I do not see how that is appealing either.

    I do think that AEW should let some of their guys still work the indy circuit initially, but for the long term future they have to at least consider exclusive contracts, and work out individual deals with other promotions rather than open deals.