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Impact reveals new Championship belts (again)

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling had revealed new Championship belts for the promotion under the new management just last summer. However, since it’s the company once known as TNA we’re talking about, they had to face troubles with the titles soon afterward.

All the new belts featured logos of Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Promotion which was supposed to get merged with Impact but it didn’t and after Jarrett bailed out, Impact couldn’t use those logos again.

At that time the solution they came up with was to put an Impact logo in front of the GFW into all the title belts but they didn’t look so good, not to mention they reminded everyone of the new management’s wrong decision of using the GFW logo before the merger could complete.

Now it looks like Officials are ready to get rid of the last thing that associated them with GFW as they are once again introducing new belts. The company revealed photos of the new belts for almost all their championships in the tweets as seen below:

It’s worth mentioning here that the shared photos don’t include a belt for the Impact Grand Championship which has started rumors that it may get retire.

  • Rinn13

    Don’t love the look, but they’re still better looking than any of WWE’s belts, sadly.

  • Arnold Jackson

    They actually don’t look too bad. I was imagining much worse.

  • Solid

    I guess there was a discount going on the not quite gold and blue paint that day.

  • CC

    Not a fan of those. All very samey. The tag titles though are particularly bad.

  • Grant Thomson

    These belts all feature Anthem’s owl. So once they inevitably disown Impact, new belts will be needed yet again

  • M

    Shame that they pretty much all look like the same damn thing.