Impact Wrestling Draws Lowest Rating Of 2012, Daniels Discusses His Injuries

— The March 1 episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 0.993 cable rating, which marks as the program’s lowest number of 2012. Last week’s show drew a 1.19.



Impact Wrestling averaged 1.33 million viewers over the course of two hours, down from last week’s average of 1.58 million.

The first hour of the show drew 1.02 cable rating before dropping to 0.965 in the second.

Dodge City Daily Globe conducted an interview with Christopher Daniels promoting Saturday’s Impact Wrestling World Tour event at United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, Kansas. The veteran standout discusses his wrestling career and reveals he’s paying a steep physical price for it.

“I wake up in pain pretty much everyday,” he says. “In my right leg, my ACL is gone, I have a broken bone in my neck, there’s one ligament left in my shoulder, these are all injuries that I accumulated and they’re never going to get better. It’s not like they’re going to miraculously grow back.”


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