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Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling merge

Karen Jarrett announced on yesterday’s (Thurs. April 20, 2017) Impact Wrestling that the company has now merged with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. There have not been any official details released just quite yet, but more news can be expected to surface within the week.

Jarrett has owned GFW since 2014 but was unable to land a television deal for the program. Dixie Carter has since been given the boot from Impact ownership and the company decided to bring Jarrett back to run creative along with Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell.

No news on what will happen to GFW champs such as Magnus (GFW World Champ) and Cody Rhodes (GFW NexGen Champ), but we’ll keep you updated….

  • Michael Link

    but what about the gold, slapnut….

  • CC

    Not really any surprise when Jarrett came back that GFW would not last. Most of the talent are guys who have worked at TNA at some point anyway, so it’s nothing exciting like when WWE bought WCW and ECW.
    As for those titles, they will probably either just retire them or merge them as well by potentially having unification matches.

  • Solid

    Sorry, I tend to gloss over anything Mike Diaz writes so I can retain most of my IQ. 😛

  • nick-hulk

    It says in the story, failed to get a TV deal. Not sure of the significants if the merger anyway. All GFW talent were on non exclusive contracts due to no tv. GFW was basically a booking agent (see how all the Partnerships formed with JJ bk on board… he worked for and supplied talent or wrk for takent with all) with a set of Territory style titles

  • Solid

    Not sure if they ever got a TV deal anywhere.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Did Global Force even air a single episode of TV?

    I know they taped plenty, but I don’t remember any being aired.