Impact Wrestling president reveals excerpt of Matt Hardy’s contract, Hardy responds

The controversy surrounding the ownership of the ‘Broken’ gimmick of Matt Hardy took an interesting turn today when the President of Impact wrestling Ed Nordholm, sent an alleged excerpt of Matt’s contract to Pwinsider.



In the excerpt which can be seen here, it’s written and highlighted a number of times that all the products and merchandise, including the ones containing original intellectual properties, will be the sole property of the company i.e. Impact Wrestling.

Not only this, Nordholm also shared an alleged email exchange with an undisclosed WWE employee in which the employee states that the company has no interest in acquiring the ‘Broken’ gimmick.

In response to these documents Mat Hardy sent a tweet stating that he doesn’t need to overcompensate to prove his public credibility:

While it’s hard to tell if both these documents are original, it’s safe to say that these leaks will end any remaining interest WWE Officials may have had in the Broken gimmick because they wouldn’t want any more controversy regarding it.

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