Impact Wrestling results from 3/16/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. March 16, 2017) episode of Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



Alberto “El” Patron makes his way to the ring in The Impact Zone… Josh Mathews, Jeremy Borash and The Pope are back together on commentary. Alberto takes the mic in ring and talks about how much he loves this place. He loves being in Impact Wrestling because he gets to be himself. That he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone that he is not. Alberto then talks about how he proved himself to everyone last week by defeating Bobby Lashley. Alberto feels that he deserves to be Impact champion. He says that politics are the reason that he is not currently the champion. Alberto says that he is a fighter and not a talker. He then calls out Bobby Lashley. EC3’s music hits instead…

Ethan Carter tells Alberto that he did the right thing relinquishing the world title, based on how he won it last week. Carter says that Alberto shouldn’t be given shots at the title immediately. That he should earn it. He then goes on to challenge Alberto to a match. Alberto says that he is out here to challenge Lashley and not him. He says that he is going to go find Lashley now. As he goes to leave the ring, Carter insults Alberto to get him to come back. Alberto returns to the ring and says he’s here to fight Lashley, and not the “b—h”. EC3 and Alberto start brawling and security runs out to break them up. After a few minutes of brawling, the crowd starts chanting “Let them fight”. Alberto gets on the mic and says that if Carter wants to fight. That he’s going to get that fight with him later tonight.

Back from the break. An ad airs for Impact Wrestling’s “One Night Only” ppv. In the video, Jeff Hardy is promoted as being a part of tomorrow night’s pay-per-view.

A ‘Make Impact Great’ video airs with Eddie Edwards. In the brief video below, Edwards talks about what Impact Wrestling means to him.


Footage is now shown of a meeting that took place “earlier today” with Impact officials. Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantel and others are seated at a conference table. In the meeting, Mantel addresses the current tag title situation with Decay now owning the belts. Dutch questions the legitimacy of it. The argument is made in the meeting that Decay may be the rightful owners because “Vanguard 1” malfunctioned. Bruce Prichard disagrees with the current predicament and says that he may have a solution for this problem.


Back at ringside. Jeremy Borash is on the phone while Mathews is talking about the current tag title situation. Borash “breaks” the news that Alberto El Patron will face EC3 later tonight…… A video package is then shown of the partnership between Eli Drake and Tyrus. It leads to this match.

El Drake & Tyrus Vs. Garza Jr. & The Laredo Kid

Garza Jr. and The Laredo Kid are from The Crash promotion in Mexico. Garza Jr. is the nephew of the late Hector Garza. Who competed on TNA’s first ever pay-per-view.

Garza and Laredo control the early going of the match. Garza ends up stripping out of his long tights. Eli Drake tries to capitalize on Garza’s showboating but fails. He is sent to the outside and then Garza leaps onto him. Laredo Kid then hits a top rope moonsault onto Eli Drake. Back in the ring, Laredo hits a standing moonsault onto Drake. He covers him for a near fall. Drake battles back and tags in Tyrus. Laredo tries to leap onto Tyrus but gets caught and slammed in mid-air. The show heads to break in mid-match.

Impact returns from the break and Tyrus is beating down Laredo. He tags in Drake, who does more of the same. This continues for the next few minutes with Drake and Tyrus taking turns beating down The Laredo Kid. Eventually Laredo makes the hot tag to Garza Jr. He comes in and takes the fight to Eli and Tyrus. Garza Jr. knocks Tyrus from the apron and to the floor. Drake stops Garza’s momentum by hitting a reverse suplex. He then takes down the Laredo kid with a celtic cross. Eli tries to finish off Garza. He gestures to Tyrus to get back in the ring. While he is doing this, Garza recovers and rolls Eli up in a schoolboy and gets the pin.

The Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. defeat Eli Drake & Tyrus

In the post match. Eli Drake and Tyrus argue in the ring after their loss….. Back at the broadcast table. Mathews and company bicker a bit. Then Borash makes mention of Impact’s new working agreement with NOAH in Japan. A video follows of Impact’s wrestlers being in Tokyo working for Pro Wrestling Noah. Moose, Eddie Edwards and James Storm are shown in Japan making the promotional rounds for the company. Each man talks about what it means for them to be back in Japan. Moose talks about facing The Great Muta and Marufuji. Edwards says that NOAH means so much to him because he spent time in Japan as a young boy. How he’s happy to be back to show off how much he has improved since…. Footage is then shown of Moose and company in Yokohama, Japan for another NOAH event. Moose talks about how the experience in Japan reminds him of his days in The NFL. How the events in Japan have a real sports feel to them. James Storm talks about how he loves the competition and how he wants to prove himself in Japan. Moose closes the video by talking about how great it will be for Impact and NOAH to eventually do shows together.

Kayci Quinn is in the ring now. She is set to make her Impact debut against Brandi Rhodes. After Brandi makes her entrance. Cody interrupts. He makes his way to the ring with his Global Force Next-Gen title in hand. He makes Earl Hebner hold the title… Cody then calls off the match. He says that Impact will not use The Rhodes name under their terms but under his. Cody then asks Kayci her name and gives her 45 dollars to not have the match. Cody says it’s 20 dollars more than they were going to pay her originally.


Cody makes Kayci get in her corner. He takes his belt back and gets a laugh from the audience. Cody then rips on Moose for not being here. He says that Moose may be in Japan but that Cody is Japan. Cody calls Moose a “little man” and says that his wife Brandi knows that he’s the “biggest man”. Cody then challenges Moose for an Impact Grand Championship match. Cody then forces Brandi to leave…. When the show returns from the break, Rosemary is attacking Kayci Quinn. Kayci tries to fight back but ends up eating “The Red Wedding” from Rosemary.


Another “Make Impact Great” featurette airs. This time with Ethan Carter III.


Alberto El Patron Vs. Ethan Carter III

No De Patron entrance this week…. Alberto takes the fight to Ethan early on. He roughs him up and then throws him to the outside. He follows him out there and throws him into the barricade. When Alberto attempts to throw Carter into the ring post. Carter reverses and throws Alberto into it instead. Alberto ends up regaining control as the show goes to commercial… When the show returns, Carter is in the ring and Alberto tries to leap off the top rope and onto him, but Carter strikes him in mid-air. EC3 then stomps on El Patron in the corner. He hits a back elbow on Alberto and then a snap suplex. Carter then tries to splash Alberto in the corner but El Patron moves out of the way. Alberto then rams EC3 into the ring post from the apron. Alberto then starts to target Carter’s left arm. He rams it against the steel steps and then the ring post. Patron brings EC3 back into the ring and applies an arm-bar submission. Carter battles back and both men end up battling to the top rope. Alberto applies an arm-bar on EC3 using the ropes. He has to break the hold but Alberto continues to target Carter’s left arm. He applies another arm bar. Carter breaks free and battles back. He starts favoring his shoulder but manages to hit a flapjack on Alberto. EC3 then attempts to hit his 1 percenter but Alberto counters and throws Carter into the corner. When Alberto charges at Carter, Ethan backflips over the ringpost and onto the floor. Moments later, both men battle on the outside near the broadcast desk. Carter rams Alberto’s head repeatedly into the table. He then throws Alberto into the ring. When EC3 gets onto the ring apron, Alberto has recovered and connects with a high kick on Ethan, that sends him crashing to the floor.

The show heads to another break….. When the show returns, Alberto and Ethan are inside the ring trading strikes. Carter momentarily wins the slugfest but Alberto springs up and hits two consecutive clotheslines on Ethan. El Patron then attempts his cross arm breaker. Ethan counters out but Alberto reverses and throws Carter and his shoulder into the ring post. Alberto then heads to the top rope. Carter recovers and meets him up there. EC3 headbutts Alberto and then attempts a superplex. Alberto fights out of it and knocks EC3 down. Carter ends up hanging in the corner. Alberto then signals for his signature double foot stomp. Carter gets out of his predicament and arm drags Alberto off the top rope. EC3 then hits the TK3 on Alberto. Carter is unable to capitalize when he lands into the corner after executing the move. Carter regroups and hits a second TK3. Again, He is unable to go for the cover. Carter then decides to head outside the ring and he grabs a steel chair. Carter brings it into the ring and Alberto is still laid out in the center of the ring. Carter considers striking Alberto with the chair but instead decides to throw it away. The delay enables Alberto to rally. El Patron hits the Si kick on Carter and then applies his cross arm breaker. He wrenches it in and Carter is forced to tap out despite being only inches away from the bottom rope.

Alberto El Patron defeats Ethan Carter III by submission


Jeremy Borash on commentary makes mention of the fact that Carter has never tapped out. EC3’s actions at the end of the match are second guessed by Mathews and The Pope.

After the match. Alberto gets on the mic and says that he wants to pay Ethan Carter respect. He applauds EC3, talks about his history in the business and how Carter just gave him one of the best matches of his career. Carter and El Patron end up shaking hands to an applause from the crowd who chants EC3.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she interviews Reno Scum. They come in screaming their “Oi” chant. Thornstowe and Luster talkabout the impact that they are going to make and how united they survive and divided they die. They promise to become tag team champs. They chant “Oi” repeatedly to close out the promo.

Ethan Carter is shown backstage. He is throwing a fit, kicking things around because of his loss to Alberto. Bruce Prichard goes after Ethan and tries to get him to calm down.

Another “Make Impact Great” featurette airs. This time with Madison Rayne. She talks about her history in the company and how excited she is about the future.


Back at ringside. Jeremy Borash announces that “She is going to be here next week”, but doesn’t reveal who she is……

A vignette airs for the returning “Suicide”.

4-Way Match For The X-Division Championship
Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms Vs. Braxton Sutter w/Allie Vs. Andrew Everett Vs. Suicide

Total non stop action in this one…. That sounds familiar…. A lot of cool looking spots between all 4 men. Suicide gets Sutter and Everett in a human bridge type position. He clotheslines Everett and then hits a bulldog on Sutter. All 4 men take to the air at various points. Suicide does his signature double barrel to the head several times before executing each move he does. Another cool spot sees Andrew Everett hit a twisting corkscrew plancha onto everyone on the ringside floor. Suicide also hits a trust fall.

Everett and Lee go at it for awhile. Helms intervenes to help Lee regain control. Lee then hits a standing double foot stomp on Suicide that leads to a near fall. Trevor Lee maintains control for the next few minutes. He hits high impact moves on Suicide and Everett while Sutter is still recovering on the outside. Braxton eventually rejoins the fray. He hits a power slam on Lee and then a spinebuster on Everett. Suicide comes in and takes everyone down. All 4 men end up battling to the top rope. In a great looking spot, Sutter and Suicide attempt a superplex on Everett. Trevor Lee tries to strike Sutter from behind. Braxton breaks free to tangle with Trevor. Lee leaps into his arms and tries a hurricanrana but gets caught in mid-air. When Sutter attempts to power bomb Lee near the corner, Trevor grabs a hold of Suicide’s waist who is in the middle of superplexing Everett. Sutter complets the power bomb that leads to all 3 men in the air crashing down to the mat. Sutter is seconds away from victory when Laurel Van Ness shows up. She is still in her wedding dress. She is in the crowd eating a chocolate cake. Sutter gets distracted when Allie goes after Laurel. Sutter goes after Allie to break her away from Laurel. When he returns to the ring. Trevor Lee strikes Sutter with a kick and pins him.

Trevor Lee defeats Braxton Sutter, Suicide & Andrew Everett to retain The X Division Championship


After the match, Sienna comes out onto the stage and warns Allie and Braxton that their happiness will eventually end because of her. That she is nothing like Maria and that Ali and Sutter’s story will end up the same way, Romeo and Juliet’s did.

After the break, Another “Make Impact Great” featurette airs. This time with Moose.


Back in The Impact Zone. Bruce Prichard makes his way to the ring. Bruce is out here to address the tag team title situation. He says that the championships can’t be decided in outer space or on the internet. I guess loosely referencing the whole VG1 deal with The Hardy’s last week. Prichard announces that in two weeks. There will be a 4-Way with the best 4 teams in Impact Wrestling battling to become the next Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champs. The Decay’s “left behind” theme hits and they make their way to the ring…. Abyss gets on the mic and introduces Decay to Bruce Prichard. Crazzy Steve tells Bruce that they are the never ending nightmare for Impact Wrestling. Rosemary tells Prichard that the Decay rescued the titles from “space and time” and that the championships should rightfully go to them. She demands that Bruce give them the titles… Reno Scum is out next. They make their pitch to Bruce to become the tag team champs. Out next is The Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. They also their hats into the mix. Laredo makes his pitch in Spanish and gets the what treatment from the crowd. When Garza attempts to translate, Everyone in the ring starts brawling. The Decay comes out on top. Just then L.A.X.’s music hits and Konnan and Homicide head down the ramp. Several members of L.A.X then arrive and jump into the action from the audience. Homicide, Diamante, Angel & Draztik attack and lay out everyone on the outside. Including Decay inside the ring. Konnan grabs the mic and says that L.A.X is back in the cut and they are “serious like a late period”. All 4 members of L.A.X. and Konnan stand over the Decay and flash their LA symbol. They also drape flags over The Decay. As the show comes to an end.

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