Impact Wrestling results from 3/9/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. March 9, 2017) episode of TNA Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



The show opens with a video montage of the companies 15 year history. In the video below, many of the companies top moments and stars from the past are highlighted.
The video package ends with what almost sounds like a rallying cry or a new company mantra. It hypes that “tonight, a defining moment is upon us”… “tonight, a company bound by diversity embraces the inevitability of change”…. “It’s a fight for relevance”… “a battle for respect”… “a yearning to reach new heights”….. “Tonight is the moment that we begin to prove ourselves all over again”…. The video ends with the line, “It’s time we all make Impact great”…. The video is followed by a new opening theme for the show.

The show kicks off with Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards brawling inside The Impact Zone. They are fighting into and around the audience. Officials try to break them up. The battle continues into the stands. Eddie drapes Davey over the cage barricade and delivers several chops. They then battle down to the floor and to the ramp way. Security and officials continue to try and break them up and eventually do.

Josh Mathews and The Pope are on commentary and intro the new era of Impact. Mathews notices an extra headset at the broadcast table. He starts flipping out and asking who it belongs to. He then makes a crack at Smackdown and them having 47 announcers at once. How Impact shouldn’t do the same thing. Jeremy Borash’s music hits, complete with his own video wall. “JB” makes his way to the broadcast table. Mathews continues flipping out about Borash being out there. Borash grabs the house mic and says hello to the fans. He then talks about the new ownership wanting to add some excitement and vibrance to the broadcast team. Mathews insults Borash and says that if he was good enough, that he would have been out here years ago. Mathews then sits down and pretends to ignore Borash by looking at his cell phone. JB then talks about the former play by play man Mike Tenay being his mentor, and how he was grooming him to eventually take over. Borash than states that Mathews has made so many enemies in the back and that the owners are looking for a change. Borash makes mention of how Mathews was fired by the WWE 3 years ago, and how the idiots who no longer work here decided that Mathews would make the model announcer. Borash says that the model wrestling announcer nowadays is a “Ken Doll with no balls”.

Mathews tells Borash that while he was being groomed by Mike Tenay. Josh was sitting under the learning tree of the likes of Jim Ross and company. He then brags about calling WrestleMania in the Georgia Dome. Mathews says that the show was watched by millions and attended by thousands of paying fans. Instead of this company where the fans come to watch the show for free…. Borash takes exception to Mathews name dropping Jim Ross. He says that JR is a friend of his. Borash says that Ross thinks that Mathews is an arrogant prick. Borash says that he is joining the broadcast team and that he has a lot of bombs to drop tonight. That he actually talks to the wrestlers and the fans. Mathews then insults the fans and says that he would never and has never spoken to them.


Cody Rhodes now shows up. He takes the mic. Cody asks the fans if they want to see him battle The Moose tonight. He leads the fans in a Moose chant but supposedly Moose is not here tonight. He is in Japan.

Before the show goes to it’s first break. Borash fills the audience in, that he has spoken to the new owners, and that a new tag team is going to make their first appearance on Impact after the break. The D.C.C. make their way to the ring as the show goes to commercial.

The Death Crew Council (Bram & Eddie Kingston) Vs. Reno Scum (Adam & Luster)

Mathews and Borash continue their bickering on commentary. Mathews takes credit for the referees new attire. Borash rips on Mathews fashion podcast. Mathews insults JB’s 15 year old suit. Meanwhile in the ring, The DCC has control. Bram and Kingston attempt a spike piledriver. Adam breaks it up. “Luster” then comes off the top rope with an assisted double foot stomp from Adam and pins Kingston. That was over before it even started.

Reno Scum defeats The DCC

After the match. The DCC tease dissention inside the ring. They argue for a bit and then resolve their issues.

Back from the break, highlights are shown from The Braxton-Laurel Van Ness wedding from a couple weeks ago, and the follow up. Where Laurel was found crying backstage with her wedding dress still on…. McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she is awaiting Maria Kanellis. Who is supposed to join her for an interview. Sienna interrupts and gives McKenzie an update on Maria. She says that Maria had a nervous breakdown and has disappeared. McKenzie interrupts and says that she heard that it was “contractual”… Sienna tells McKenzie that it’s just “fake news”… Sienna then threatens Allie for what she has done. She promises that Allie’s happiness will not last long.

4-Way X Division Match
Braxton Sutter W/Allie Vs. Caleb Konley Vs. DJZ Vs. Marshe Rockett

The match starts off with Rockett and Sutter going at it one on one. They end up battling to the outside. Konley and DJ go to the air early. DJ Z ends up leaping onto Rockett and Sutter on the outside. Moments later back in the ring, Rockett hits a spinebuster on Konley. DJ Z tries to leap onto Marshe Rockett but is thrown down to the mat. Meanwhile on commentary, the bickering between JB and Mathews continues. JB brags about all his notes and how he knows the backgrounds of each wrestler. Something that he says that Josh doesn’t. Borash then goes on to talk about DJZ learning the lucha style in The Crash promotion in Mexico…. Action back in the ring, Rockett hits a buckle bomb on Sutter. Marshe is in control for a bit. He gets a little too cocky. He goes to the top rope and tries to leap off. Sutter, Z and Konley are all back to their feet and simultaneously drop kick him in mid-air. All 3 men now go to work on Rockett and send him outside the ring. Caleb starts to get some momentum going. He hits an enzuguri on Sutter and then delivers a palm strike to DJZ. Konley then hits a suicide dive on DJ and Marshe Rockett. He heads back into the ring to go after Sutter. Konley then hits a back suplex on Braxton… DJZ and Rockett are back in the ring. Z uses Rockett as a launching pad, leaps off of him and hits a tornado DDT on Konley. Marshe knocks down Z with a leg lariat. Rockett goes after Sutter. Allie gets involved and leaps off the ropes into Rockett on the ringside floor. Sutter grabs Rockett and hits a twisting neckbreaker and pins him for the victory.

Braxton Sutter defeats DJZ, Marshe Rockett and Caleb Konley

After the match. Sutter and Allie celebrate together. Laurel Van Ness shows up. She is still in her wedding dress with a champagne bottle in hand. She yells at Sutter and Allie from the ramp way.

The Broken Hardy’s are back?… Kind of… A teaser for later on in the show is shown. Where The Hardy’s are at their personal zoo, dealing with one of their “spot monkeys”. A Hardy’s match for later on is hyped. Where they will face their kangaroo “Smokin Joe”……….

Sienna Vs. Rachael Ellering

Borash talks about Rachael being a second generation star. Trained by Lance Storm and the daughter of Paul Ellering. Mathews says that he’s never heard of the name Ellering. Borash mentions The Road Warriors and Mathews plays dumb like he’s never heard of them….. At one point, Borash asks Mathews if he even knows who Lance Storm is. Mathews responds that Storm is a great wrestler but that Borash has Storm’s same weak promo skills…. This banter might get overbearing in a few minutes but Pope gets in a good line here. When Mathews brags about plugging shows for Pop TV like Schitts Creek, and how he makes all of Impact’s broadcast partners happy. He then threatens to beat up Jeremy Borash. Pope tries to calm JB and Josh down and says that their antics are sending him up schitts creek.

As for the match. Evenly contested battle here throughout. In the closing minutes of the match. Ellering hits a nice looking springboard twisting leg drop that nets her a close pinfall. Ellering is unable to put Sienna away. Shorlyl thereafter, Sienna hits the silencer on Ellering and pins her.

Sienna defeats Rachael Ellering by pinfall


Another Broken Hardy’s-Smokin’ Joe teaser is shown for later tonight…..

Back from the break. The ‘Something To Wrestle With’…. Bruce Prichard logo appears on the video wall in The Impact Zone. Bruce Prichard makes his way to the ring.

Prichard gets on the mic and says that he has a little something to wrestle with and he’s not talking about the best wrestling podcast in the world. He manages to sneak in a plug for his website. Bruce says that Impact Wrestling is not the same show that it used to be when he was in charge. A heckler says that he ruined it. Bruce acknowledges the heckler and says that some people do think that….. Bruce says that when he was around, the company was on the cusp of being great. He says that there was a lot of great talent backstage that wanted to be great but the company never lived up to it. Bruce says that this is not a rib and announces that “TNA Is Dead”….

Prichard says that the new owners have officially labeled the company as “Impact Wrestling”. That the new owners are looking for people that achieved greatness in the past. That’s why he’s here. He then goes down the list of his achievements and mentions the era of Hulkamania, Austin and The Rock during the attitude era. He also ends up mentioning John Cena. Prichard says that he knows how to make Wrestling great and make an Impact. He says that it’s all about having a face of the company. He then introduces Bobby Lashley as a walking Armageddon. Lashley comes down to the ring. TNA may be dead but the name is still on Lashley’s championship title.

Lashley gets in the ring and thanks Prichard for acknowledging his greatness. Bobby then brags about all the stars that he has beaten during his run with the company like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and others. Lashley then says to top it all off, he successfully defended the president of the united states at WrestleMania. Prichard says that there will be no choice but for everyone to recognize Lashley as the single greatest athlete in the world. He says that there is no one in the back who can challenge that.

Alberto El Patron’s new music hits. He appears and makes his way to the ring. Mathews goes over Alberto being a former 7 time world champ and lists off his WWE title reigns by name…. A Si chant breaks out from the crowd. Lashley tries to threaten Alberto before he can speak. Alberto cuts him off and calls him a “Perro”. He tells Lashley that he hasn’t beaten him yet. Ethan Carter’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

EC3 gets in the ring and addresses Alberto. He tells him that he can’t just walk into the company and get a world title match. Carter then tells Lashley that he is the one to represent the company. Lashley tells Carter that he has already beaten him many times before. That EC3 needs to get to the back of the line. Alberto snatches the mic away from Carter and tells Lashley that he wants to dance. Alberto says that the audience wants to see him face Lashley for The Impact World Championship. Prichard books the match for later tonight.


Back at the broadcast table. Mathews and Pope try to recap what just happened. They get distracted by Borash being on his cell phone. Jeremy tells them that a legend is backstage and will be coming out later on Impact….. When the show returns from the break. McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eddie Edwards about what has transpired between him and Davey Richards of late. Eddie says that his wife is home right now. That he wants her to stay way from all of this. Angelina Love shows up and comes to the defense of her husband. She labels him the Lone Wolf Davey Richards and then ends up slapping Eddie Edwards.

Back to the Impact Zone. Cody appears again. He calls out Moose one more time. He has his GFW Next Gen title with him again. He throws into the ring and says that he is waiting for Moose to come out and fight him. Security tries to escort Cody away from the ringside area. Cody says that he is not leaving until Moose shows up. Cody waits a while and then leaves through the crowd.

A Make Impact Great video airs with Bobby Lashley. He talks about how he loves the sport and how he loves entertaining the crowd. Lashley talks about how hard he works and how happy he is as a result of it.

Back in The Impact Zone. Dutch Mantel shows up on the stage. He is in his wheelchair and it has a Make Impact Great sign attached to it. Dutch teases calling himself Zeb. He then says that he can’t due to legalities. But he will say that he used to be Zeb Colter in an alternate universe. Dutch talks about being known as “Dirty Dutch” and he goes through his long history in the wrestling business. He says that this is his first time ever on Impact television. Mantel professes his love for pro wrestling and that he is here to make impact great. Dutch talks about being contacted by the new owners. He talks about his history with TNA and how he was back here 8 years ago. Mantel then runs down the list of all the great talent that used to be in the company. Photos of all the talent he names appear on the video wall above him. Names like AJ Styles, Christian, Kevin Nash, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe etc….. Dutch shoots about all the talent that left and why they left. How they all told him that the company lacked leadership and respect. Dutch says that no only did the talent leave, but that the fans left the company as well. Mantel says that when the new owners contacted and asked him how they can make Impact great. Mantel told them that what they need to do, is bring the people back. He even refers to them openly as the “paying customers”. Dutch calls the fans his boss and that he is going to listen to them. Dutch closes his promo by leading the audience in a “We The People” chant.

After the break, Footage is shown of The Broken Hardy’s with “Smokin Joe”. Brother Nero battles Joe for the second time. Matt joins in on the battle with their kangaroo. Nero calls Joe the master of the headlock and then gets put in one. After the training with Joe….. The Hardy’s use VG1 to transport to their next journey in their “Expedition of Gold”. The Hardy’s disappear….. and then presumably reappear as The Decay with The Impact Tag Team Championships. Abyss, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve are backstage laughing. Abyss says that “it worked”. Rosemary says that The Broken Hardy’s have now been deleted and are obsolete…….. The Hardy’s are now officially written off of the show.


After the break, Jeremy Borash is in the ring and he announces Impact’s 15th anniversary show scheduled for July 2nd. The ppv known as Slammiversary.

Impact World Heavyweight Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (c) Vs. Alberto El Patron

Dueling chants for both men to start things off. Alberto takes the fight to Lashley early on. Using his multitude of kicks. Lashley battles back and corners Alberto and pounds away on him.

The action continues with Lashley in control until both men head to the outside. Alberto regains the advantage by slamming Lashley’s head into the broadcast table. Back into the ring and Alberto comes off the top rope and strikes Lashley down. He covers him for a 2 count and then applies a rear chin lock. Lashley battles out and hits a lariat on Alberto, and then follows that up with a neck breaker. They head back to the outside. Lashley throws Alberto into the steel steps. He brings him back into the ring and starts to ground and pound for the next few minutes. Lashley then connects with an impressive looking delayed vertical suplex on Patron. He then sets up for the spear but Alberto counters with a missile dropkick. Both men are down and struggle to get back up. When they do, They exchange multiple strikes. They then battle to the top rope. Alberto clamps on a cross arm breaker using the ropes. Lashley escapes, Alberto tries to leap onto him but gets caught in a sidewalk slam…… EC3 shows up on the stage to watch the remainder of the match. As the show goes to it’s final break….

When it returns for the climax. Lashley is still in control. He charges at Alberto in the corner but misses. Alberto then goes on an offensive flurry and hits a back stabber on Lashley. He covers Bobby for a 2 count. Alberto goes for the cross arm breaker but Lashley counters into a cradle pin attempt. Alberto kicks out but ends up eating a stiff lariat. Bobby then sets up for another lariat and inadvertently knocks down referee Brian Hebner. With the ref out, Alberto locks in the cross arm breaker on Lashley. Backup Referee Brian Stifler runs to the ring to replace Hebner. Lashley teases tapping out but then locks his arms together. He then lifts up Alberto and slams him down to the mat…. Lashley covers Patron for a near fall. Lashley then charges at Alberto, Patron sidesteps him and sends him into the ropes.

Alberto then hits his signature hanging double foot stomp. Alberto covers Lashley but Bobby kicks out at the last second. El Patron goes for the cross arm breaker twice but Lashley counters out both times and hits a wicked spinebuster. Moments later, Alberto ddt’s Lashley and he goes for the big “Si” kick but at the last moment, Lashley pulls the ref in the way and he takes the brunt of the kick. Two refs are down now. Lashley hits a spinebuster on Alberto and heads to the outside to go use his title as a weapon. When he attempts to strike Alberto, El Patron kicks him. Alberto then grabs the title and strikes Lashley over the head with it. He then covers Bobby and the second referee makes the pinfall count.

Alberto El Patron defeats Bobby Lashley to become the new Impact Wrestling World Champion

The show ends with both referees arguing in the center of the ring while Alberto is celebrating. Lashley gets up irate and grabs the referees. Bruce Prichard and Pat Kenney make their way to the ring to talk to the referees. Alberto grabs the house mic. He stands on the broadcast table and announces himself as the new champion. The announcers talk about the controversial finish and whether or not it will stand.

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