Impact Wrestling results from 4/27/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. April 27, 2017) episode of Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



The show opens with a video package of what took place last week on Impact. It features the return and X Division title victory by Low-Ki, as well as his post match promo. Also in the video is the conclusion of last week’s Impact World Championship bout, which saw EC3 betray James Storm and cost him the match. Included in the package is the LAX’s feud with The Decay, Rosemary’s victory over ODB last week and the continuation of the Jeremy Borash-Josh Mathews storyline.

Jeremy Borash and Da Pope are at ringside at the broadcast table. They intro the show and hype this week’s key matches. As Borash is finishing up his hype for Impact, He is interrupted by Josh Mathews new theme. Which is a rock ballad with the sound of angry birds tweeting. It’s reflected visually on the video tron as well, with Mathews tweets posted on the screen, being surrounded by angry birds. Mathews makes his way to the stage with three gentleman dressed in suits. Mathews is on the mic as he heads towards ringside. He says that “this company will not tolerate bullying announcers”…. He then proceeds to call Jeremy Borash, “JBLoser”. Mathews says that he has spent the entire week in meetings in Nashville. Mathews says that he has breaking news this week and that the 3 office stooges with him, are going to break the news. One of the “office stooges” gets on the mic. His name is Rafael Morphi and he represents the companies Human Resources department. As he goes to read a statement to Jeremy Borash, Josh Mathews cuts him off and reads it himself. Mathews announces that Borash is being suspended because he inflicted violence on a work colleague last week. Borash is being removed from the broadcast team, effective immediately. Mathews taunts Borash that he is going to have miss his first Impact ever.

Jeremy Borash is then escorted from ringside. Mathews continues to trash talk him on the mic. Da Pope whispers something into JB’s ear before he leaves. Mathews says that Borash is suspended for the next 30 days. He then takes a seat at the broadcast table to assume play by play duties.

“Reborn” Matt Sydal vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms

Sydal is a busy man this week. He just made his return on ROH television and here he is on Impact. Trevor Lee attacks him at the bell but Sydal recovers quickly and takes the advantage. Shane Helms gets involved and trips up Sydal, who ends up crashing to the outside. Trevor then takes control of the match for the next few minutes. Matt Sydal rallies and attempts a standing moonsault but gets rolled up by Trevor Lee for a near fall. Lee and Sydal then get into a battle of leg strikes, Sydal wins the exchange and connects with his standing moonsault. When Sydal attempts to cover Lee, Helms gets on the apron to distract the referee. Sydal goes over to confront Shane Helms. Trevor Lee tries to sneak up behind Sydal but he moves out of the way and kicks Lee into Helms, which knocks Shane off of the apron. Sydal then hits a running high knee and heads to the top rope. He goes airborne and hits his signature shooting star press on Lee for the victory.

Matt Sydal defeats Trevor Lee by pinfall

When the show returns from the break, Karen Jarrett is shown backstage on her phone. She is confronted by Sienna. She tells Karen that she has been looking for the GFW Women’s champion, Christina Von Eerie. Karen tells Sienna that she will be wrestling tonight on Impact and instructs Sienna to watch because she will be facing her in the future.

Highlights are then shown of EC3’s betrayal of James Storm last week. Ethan Carter makes his way to the ring dressed in a suit. He takes a chair and sets it in the ring. Carter then gets on the mic and explains his actions from last week. Carter says that he has a message to the new regime in Impact Wrestling. He mocks the “Make Impact Great” tagline. Carter says that he has carried the Impact brand for the last few years and that he doesn’t have to earn respect that he demands it. Carter then mentions Bruce Prichard’s message to him of finding himself. Carter says that he heeded those very words and that it’s exactly what he has done. EC3 then goes over his history and accolades in the company. Carter tells all the incoming talent, that he is going to send them “back to the gloryhole“. Carter then mocks the fans who have told him, that they liked him better when he was a bad guy. EC3 says that at Impact’s next ppv, Slammiversary that he is going to recapture his glory and be world champion again. Carter does this while having an imaginary conversation with himself. EC3 then addresses James Storm. He calls him a ghost of this companies past, and compares him to the former stars of the company. Carter calls Storm an overrated piece of crap….

James Storm’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with beer in hand. Carter runs to the outside when Storm enters the ring. James says that he doesn’t blame EC3 for his actions last week. He calls him jealous and states that unlike all the former stars of the company, he is still here. Storm says that he has been out of the world title picture for so long by design. That he took a backseat to let stupid punks like EC3 get their chance. Storm says that he can beat Carter, anytime he wants to. Carter feigns laughter on the outside. James Storm then talks about cowboys not dancing unless it’s with a pretty woman or they are drunk. James says that he is not currently drunk and that Carter isn’t pretty. He calls EC3 “Fugly”…. Storm then takes a seat in the ring and asks Carter if he wants to dance. He says that Carter doesn’t have his family around to protect him anymore. Carter refuses Storm’s offer and starts heading to the back. Storm then insults Carter while he is on the rampway and EC3 runs into the ring. Both men trade blows, Storm wins the exchange and Carter heads to the outside. Storm follows him out there and grabs a chair. Carter grabs a female production assistant at ringside and puts her in harms way. He then low blows Storm. EC3 brings Storm into the ring and hits the 1 percenter. EC3 gets on the mic and tells Storm, that he’s a Carter and this company needs him.

When the show returns from the break. Footage is shown of ‘KM’ from earlier today at a restaurant. KM gives the waiter a hard time after getting his check. KM makes a Back to The Future Biff reference. Pretty odd segment.

A video package then airs introducing GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie to Impact Wrestling.

Christina Von Eerie vs. Ava Storie

Christina Von Eerie dominates the action for the most part. Ava briefly gets some offense in but it doesn’t last long. The finish sees Eerie get Storie in a straight jacket position and then leap off the top with a back stabber, to get the victory.

Christina Von Eerie defeats Ava Storie by pinfall to retain The GFW Women’s Championship

After the match ends, Swoggle appears from out of the crowd and starts messing with ring announcer Spud. He messes with his hair while he is announcing Von Eerie as the winner

A video package then airs for Low-Ki. In it, highlights are shown from his return last week. Low-Ki talks about his history with the company and how it is special for him to now be a 5 time X division champion.

After the break, yet another video package. This time for Davey Richards. It shows his recent actions against Eddie Edwards. More hype for his match against Moose later on…. McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she is joined by Alberto El Patron. He is confronted by the GFW Champion Magnus. Alberto is told that he doesn’t deserve a shot at the Impact World Title. Alberto responds by calling Magnus, what else but a “Perro”.. When the two start shoving each other. Karen Jarrett steps in and books a GFW title match with Magnus defending against Alberto in two weeks on Impact.

After a football styled vignette airs for Moose. We head back to ringside for the next match.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) w/DeAngelo Williams & Gary Barnidge vs. Davey Richards w/Angelina Love

Moose makes his way to the ring with Cleveland Browns Tight End Gary Barnidge and free agent running back DeAngelo Williams. They are wearing Moose shirts. Hopefully the Browns haven’t drafted KM tonight in The NFL draft……..

Round One

Evenly contested early in the round. A minute in, Richards takes out Moose’s legs and goes to work on them. With a minute left, Richards slaps on a figure four leglock. Moose teases tapping out but never does, he gets to the ropes, as time runs out in the first round.

Round One Scorecard: All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Richards.

Round Two

Richards attacks Moose from the outset. Moose rallies with a trifecta of offensive moves. He hits a pop up power bomb, a senton and a second rope moonsault. It leads to a near pinfall. Moose gets back to his feet limping and he delivers some chops to Richards. He goes for a game changer but Richards counters. Davey then attempts a handspring elbow but Moose catches him, and attempts another game changer. Richards evades it again but gets hit with a straight lariat instead. This leads to another near fall. With under a minute left, Moose and Richards exchange strikes. Moose wins the battle with a scissors kick. Moose attempts to finish off Davey but time runs out.

Round Two Scorecard: Judges 2 and 3 score the round 10-9 for Moose. While Judge 1 surprisingly scores it 10-9 for Richards. Mathews makes mention that Scott D’Amore is actually one of the judges this week.

Round Three

Davey Richards tries to go to the air early but Moose dropkicks him off the top rope. Moose sells his leg injury and is unable to capitalize. Both men battle to the top after they recover. Richards power bombs Moose off of the top rope. Richards then hits a running kick to Moose’s head. With just over a minute left, Richards connects with a double foot stomp for a near fall. Richards then clamps on an ankle lock. With time running out, Eddie Edwards runs into the ring and attacks his former partner. Officials come out to restrain Eddie Edwards and the match is thrown out.

Moose and Davey Richards ends in a no contest

With Edwards being held back by security at ringside. Richards taunts him from in the ring, as DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge come up from behind him. When Richards turns and sees them. Richards shoves DeAngelo and Williams shoves him back. Davey then tries to run at them but is slammed by Gary Barnidge.

Back at ringside when the show returns… Swoggle comes out again and messes with Spud again. He takes away Spud’s notes and rips them up. Spud goes after Swoggle and he loses his pants.

Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness, KM & Sienna vs. Matt Sigmon

Matt Sigmon sells being scared before and during the match. He tries to run away but is forced back into the ring. Kong makes pretty quick work of Sigmon. Kong hits a running cannonball and then flattens Sigmon with a top rope splash to secure the inevitable victory.

Kongo Kong defeats Matt Sigmon by pinfall

Veterans Of War (Mayweather & Wilcox) vs. Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

Mayweather is the former Crimson. Fallah comes into the match early and stands toe to toe with Wilcox for a while. Hits a corner splash but Wilcox no sells it. He is then lifted up by Wilcox and slammed down. VOW then hits some tandem offense on Bahh with a modified Total Elimination type move. Mario Bokara gets involved and interferes to help his team get back into the match. Bokara and Bahh hit a double suplex on Mayweather but he no sells it, rises to his feet and takes down both men. More tandem offense by VOW, this time on Bokara and then they finish him off and secure the victory.

VOW defeats Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

After the match. Mayweather gets on the mic and introduces the team to the audience. He talks about being in the army and marines respectively. Both of them spending time in Iraq. Mayweather says that the warrior inside them still lives on and they thank the united states. Mayweather promises that they will bring the fight to Impact and that they are targeting the Impact tag titles.

After the break, Swoggle is back with a towel on and he’s out for revenge against Spud. He attacks Spud with a hammer. He hits him with repeatedly and gets booed by the audience. Even Mathews questions Swoggle’s attack on Spud. Officials run out and send Swoggle away from ringside…. Eli Drake is now backstage with Tyrus. He is angry that there was a live show last week and that they weren’t on the show. He mocks all the people that just walked into the company and debuted. Eli is upset that he has been excluded. Tyrus asks Drake if he is jealous. Drake denies it and says that he has to go make something happen.

Streetfight For The Impact World Tag Team Championship
LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve)

Konnan, Homicide and Diamante are ringside for LAX. Rosemary is of course out with her group….. Pretty wild start to this one with all four men battling inside and outside the ring. It doesn’t take long for tables and a barb wired board to be thrown into the mix, as the show heads to break….. When the show returns, Abyss is attempting to hit a chokeslam through a table when Ortiz nails him with a steel chair. Crazzy Steve and Santana then battle with a trash can. Santana gets the better of him and lays out Abyss with the trash can as well. LAX is in full control as they beat up Decay with steel chairs and a kendo stick.

Moments later, LAX sets up Steve for a superplex but Abyss rescues him. Steve then hits a top rope crossbody on LAX. Abyss then delivers a double chokeslam. The Decay then gives LAX a taste of their own medicine, using all the weapons scattered around the ring. After Steve is back body dropped out of the ring by Ortiz. Abyss throws a steel chair directly into Ortiz’s head. Rosemary wants in and she makes her way inside the ring, as Abyss hold up Ortiz for her. Rosemary attempts to spew mist at Ortiz but accidentally spews Abyss instead. Abyss is blinded and then speared by Ortiz into the barb wire board set up in the corner. Diamante is in the ring and she german suplexes Rosemary.

LAX then puts Abyss in a barb wire board sandwich in the corner. Santana leaps off of Ortiz’s back and directly into Abyss and the boards. Crazzy Steve comes into the ring and hits a death valley driver on Ortiz into the opposite corner of Abyss. Steve then attempts to pin Ortiz but Konnan pulls referee Brian Hebner out of the ring. Homicide now runs into the ring and tries to attack Steve but he is thrown to the outside. Steve then sets up Ortiz on a table and throws thumb tacks on top of him. Steve then attempts to moonsault on top of Ortiz, but is intercepted by Santana and Homicide. LAX then hits a powerbomb/neck breaker on Steve from the top rope. They all land into the table with tacks on it. Ortiz pins Steve for the victory.

LAX defeats The Decay to retain The Impact Tag Team Titles

Impact ends with LAX celebrating and draping their flags over the fallen Decay.

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