Impact Wrestling results from 5/4/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. May 4, 2017) episode of Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



Impact Wrestling On Pop TV
Taped At The Impact Zone In Orlando, Florida

Impact opens with a video package highlighting what took place last week on the show….. “Reborn” Matt Sydal makes his way to the ring for the opening match. Josh Mathews and ‘Da Pope’ are on commentary. Eddie Edwards make his way to the ring with his wife Alisha. Mathews on commentary brags about being the lone play by play man again and he insults Jeremy Borash.

Eddie Edwards w/Alisha vs. ‘Reborn’ Matt Sydal

Sydal and Edwards show some sportsmanship by shaking hands. Both men go tit for tat battling on the mat early on.

The first big move of the match is a hurricanrana by Sydal. He tries to head to the top rope, Edwards meets Sydal and attempts a power slam but Sydal turns it into a leaping head scissors. Sydal then hits a running knee into Edwards in the corner. He then clamps on a bridging reverse chin lock. Eddie breaks free of the submission and hits a blue thunder bomb. With Eddie now in control, he delivers some stiff strikes to Sydal in the corner and a standing reverse elbow for a near fall. Sydal tries to rally but is hit with a front face suplex. Matt then attempts yet another rally and connects with a spinning heel kick. Both competitors are down. When they both rise back to their feet. Sydal connects with a leaping crescent kick, followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Moments later, Eddie tries to leap off the top rope but Sydal leaps up and executes a standing head scissors and gets another near fall. Sydal then hits a running clothesline on Edwards, when he attempts to springboard off the apron, Edwards kicks him down to the outside. Eddie then hits his “shot of caffeine” dive on Sydal, as the show heads to it’s first break.

The show returns with both men back in the ring. Edwards hits a chin checker from the top rope on Sydal and gets a 2 count. Eddie then attempts a pedigree but Matt Sydal breaks free from it, only to have Edwards perform a code breaker on him. Edwards then attempts a powerbomb but it gets turned into a hurricanrana by Sydal. Another near fall and the fans are chanting, ‘This is Awesome’. Sydal takes Edwards to the top rope and attempts a rana but Edwards escapes and Sydal lands on the top turnbuckle. Edwards then sets up for his Boston Knee Party finish but Sydal counters with a running knee of his own. Sydal then heads to the top and hits his signature shooting star press. He covers Edwards and gets the 3 count.

Matt Sydal defeats Eddie Edwards by pinfall

Edwards and Sydal shake hands after the match. When Matt leaves the ring, Edwards starts to head towards the back with his wife but is attacked by Davey Richards and a steel chair on the ramp way. Angelina Love is out with her husband and she strikes down Alisha. Richards and Love then drape Edwards over a guardrail and slam the steel chair over his leg. A recovered Alisha leaps off the stage and onto Angelina Love. Security comes out to break them up.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she interviews the GFW Champion Magnus. After Magnus talks about his title being a golden ticket and how it enables him to jump in front of the line for an Impact World Championship match. Magnussays that doesn’t like that Impact has set up Alberto El Patron as a roadblock in his way. Magnus promises to beat Alberto and go on to face The Impact Champion at Slammiversary….. Wrestling Inc’s own, Matt Morgan interrupts the interview and takes exception to Magnus and his attitude. They argue about who should be the actual #1 contender because of their 4 man victory a few weeks back. As Magnus and Morgan start yelling at each other. Bruce Prichard intervenes and books a match between Morgan and Magnus for tonight. Prichard says that Magnus’s GFW title will be on the line. Prichard tells Magnus to go get his wrestling gear for that match. Morgan tells Magnus to get his “bumping shoes” on.

When the show returns from the break. KM is shown backstage littering and giving the janitor a hard time. KM gets in the janitor’s face and uses his line from last week by telling him to “make like a tree and get out of here”… Trying to channel Biff from Back to The Future fame.

Dave Penzer is doing the ring introductions this week in place of Rockstar Spud. Who was injured at the hands of Swoggle last week. Mathews mocks Penzer as being a relic who he has blocked on twitter in the past….. Mathews also announces that Impact will be going on tour this summer and that the company is looking forward to their big TV tapings in India…..

GFW Women’s Championship Match
Christina Von Eerie (c) vs. Sienna w/KM

Sienna attacks Eerie at the bell and suplexes her. Sienna controls the early portion of the match until Eerie rallies with a high knee. Her momentum is cut short by a big boot by Sienna. Christina Von Eerie tries to make a comeback again but gets lifted onto Sienna’s shoulders and dumped to the outside. The women end up brawling near the fans. When Sienna tries to throw Eerie back into the ring, Von Eerie kicks Sienna into KM and then leaps onto Sienna with a cross body. The women then battle to the ring apron. Von Eerie attempts an apron piledriver but gets back dropped instead. Sienna then rolls Eerie back into the ring and covers her for a 2 count. Sienna then tries to put away Eerie with the AK 47 but Christina counters out of it with a sleeper. Sienna breaks free from the hold and then hits the silencer on Eerie and pins her.

Sienna defeats Christina Von Eerie to become The New GFW Women’s Champion

Bruce Prichard is backstage and he is confronted by Eli Drake. Eli complains about his current standing with the company and he then insults “Matt Moron” and Alberto. Drake wants to make a statement by going after Alberto. Bruce tells him that he doesn’t need to look for him because he’s here now. Drake turns around and El Patron calls him “Dummy”. Alberto tells Drake that if he wants a match with him, all he has to do is ask. Alberto says that he will wrestle Drake tonight and that he is willing to put his title opportunity on the line. Bruce interjects and says that Alberto just did his job for him. He books tonight’s main event with Drake versus Alberto with El Patron’s GFW title shot against Magnus on the line.

An ODB profile piece airs, where she talks about being happy to be back and being excited about the future of Impact….. At ringside, Josh Mathews and Da Pope reset the show. In the background, A giant sign that reads “BRUTAL AF” with an arrow is pointing downwards over Mathews head. Josh notices it and it’s revealed that Jeremy Borash is the one holding up the sign. Pope says that the AF doesn’t stand for “America’s Friend”. Mathews tries to ignore Borash but loses his train of thought. As he sends the show to break.

McKezie Mitchell is backstage after the break. She intros Karen Jarrett. Karen announces that Eddie Edwards wife, Alisha will make her Impact wrestling debut next week against Angelina Love. Sienna shows up with her newly won GFW title and she taunts Jarrett. Karen says that Sienna shouldn’t be too cocky because there are a line of women waiting to take the title away from her

Ethan Carter III vs. John Bolen

Carter dominates the match showing a new mean streak. At the end of this relatively quick squash. EC3 hits the TK3, a running knee to Bolen’s head and finishes him off with the 1 percenter.

EC3 defeats John Bolen by pinfall

Carter gets on the mic immediately after the match. He calls out Impact management and promises to become the 3 time world champion at Slammiversary……. Back at ringside, the camera cuts to Mathews and Pope at the broadcast table. This time, Borash holds up a sign behind Mathews that reads “P.O.S.” with an arrow pointed downwards above Mathews head. Borash flips the sign and it reads #FREEJB. Mathews notices all this but tries to brush it off. After hyping the Magnus/Morgan match. Mathews gets annoyed and calls for management to remove Borash from ringside.

GFW Global Championship Match
Magnus (c) vs. ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan

A flashback to this companies past. Both guys looked good here. It’s been awhile since Morgan has been showcased in a singles match on TV. Matt overpowers Magnus early on. Magnus retreats to the outside and takes a powder. When Morgan goes out to go after him, Magnus turns things back in his favor by ramming Morgan into the ringpost. He then tries a baseball slide but Morgan evades it and throws Magnus into the guardrail. Moments later, Morgan has Magnus draped over the ropes and does a running senton over his shoulders and slides to the outside. Morgan now attempts his carbon footprint on Magnus but he misses. He injures his leg in the process and Magnus chop blocks him seconds later. Magnus then goes to work on Morgan’s left knee for the next few minutes. Magnus tries to set up for his clover leaf submission. Morgan is able to avoid it, but ends up getting caught in a figure four leg lock. Morgan teases tapping out, but he is able to reverse the hold. Magnus then attempts to lock in the submission again but Morgan battles back with some big strikes. Morgan then delivers multiple elbow shots to Magnus in the corner. He follows it up with a sidewalk slam. After Magnus blocks Morgan’s chokeslam attempt by kicking his knee. Magnus tries to leap off the ropes but gets caught and choke slammed anyway. Morgan covers Magnus but he is able to put his foot on the bottom rope before the count of three. Morgan then sets up and hits the carbon footprint. Magnus rolls to the outside floor after taking the high impact move. Meanwhile on the inside of the ring, Morgan has fallen on his back and is holding his injured knee. This gives Magnus time to recover. He goes and grabs a steel chair to get himself blatantly disqualified. The ref takes the chair away from him. With the ref’s back turned, Magnus delivers a low blow to Morgan. He then hits a michinoku driver and defeats Morgan by hitting a top rope elbow drop.

Magnus defeats Matt Morgan by pinfall to retain The GFW Global Championship

When the show returns from the break. McKenzie Mitchell interviews the current Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley. He lists off all the people he has beaten and says that he is the real world champion….. Back at ringside, Borash has a fan holding up one of his signs. Mathews mocks Borash for making the signs.

An LAX vignette airs. Konnan addresses the LAX members and last week’s streetfight. They mockingly give a moment of silence to Decay. Konnan says that they are going to have a funeral for Decay next week on Impact.

A James Storm profile piece airs. In it, he talks about what Impact Wrestling means to him and why he is a wrestler. He lists his family as the reason why he wrestles and states that Impact Wrestling is life to him….. After the break, A video airs of Spud who is recovering from the attack by Swoggle last week. Spud has a neckbrace on, is in a sling and says that he has to take painkillers, just to go to the bathroom. He has a photo of Swoggle next to his bed. The video is done in black and white with sappy music playing. It ends with Spud saying that he never meant to pull Swoggle’s pants down.

Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs. William Weaks

Weaks looks like the janitor guy from earlier with KM. Weaks acts like he is more freaked out by Van Ness than Kong. When Laurel approaches him, Weaks backs off and Van Ness gets upset and sicks Kongo on him. Kongo dominates as expected. He hits a choke breaker on Weaks and has him pinned but Van Ness calls for more damage. So Kongo delivers a couple more choke breakers. He then hits a running cannon ball followed by a top rope splash and finishes off Weaks.

Kongo Kong defeats William Weaks

Braxton Sutter and Allie make their way down the ramp. Sutter runs into the ring and goes after Kongo. He clotheslines him over the top rope but Kongo lands on his feet. Laurel gets her monster to leave ringside.

An Eli Drake profile piece airs. He cuts a promo where is partially out of character and puts over all the talent in Impact Wrestling. Very unlike Eli to be humble or showing respect to others…. After the break, a Sonjay Dutt interview airs, where he talks about his eye injury from last week. The video builds towards a new feud between Low-Ki and him. Sonjay complains about Low-Ki trying to end his career. Low-Ki calls it just business. Dutt says that he has always fallen short of being the X division champion.

Alberto El Patron vs. Eli Drake w/Tyrus

The winner of this match will go on to face Magnus for the GFW title next week…. When Alberto dominates early on here, Drake does the old leaving the arena bit. Alberto chases him down and brings him back to the ring. Tyrus gets involved in the match and helps Drake turn the tables in his favor. Referee Brian Hebner sees Tyrus interfere and bans him from ringside. An upset Eli Drake takes out his frustration on Alberto and suplexes him on the ramp way. Moments later, Alberto battles back and hits a suicide dive through the ropes and onto Drake, as the show heads to it’s final break.

Alberto is in control when the show returns…. Both men battle to the apron and Eli Drake back suplexes Alberto onto the apron. Eli stays in command and tries to suplex El Patron from the top but Alberto counters with a cross arm breaker, in between the ropes. Alberto breaks the hold before the ref counts to 5. Moments later, Eli connects with a neck breaker on Alberto and covers him for a 2 count. Drake then applies a camel clutch to Alberto but he powers out of it. Alberto attempts to rev up and run full speed at Drake but Eli moves and Alberto flies right through the second rope. Eli tries to finish off Alberto but he is unable to. When Drake heads to the top rope, Alberto meets him up there with a step up enzuguri. Both men trade strikes in the center of the ring. Drake wins the exchange but seconds later, gets caught in a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Alberto calls for the “Si” kick. He misses and Drake hits him with a modified TKO for a near fall. Alberto battles back quickly with a single arm DDT, followed by the “Si” kick. Alberto covers Drake but Eli kicks out. El Patron tries to slap on the cross arm breaker but Drake counters into a nice looking throw suplex. A frustrated Eli Drake is unable to pin Alberto after this move.

Eli then sets up Alberto on the top rope. Drake attempts a superplex but gets knocked down and caught in between the ropes. Alberto tries to hit his signature hanging double foot stomp on Eli, but he gets arm dragged down to the mat, before he can execute it. Drake then hits a nice looking springboard moonsault onto Alberto for a very close pinfall attempt. He then goes for the Celtic cross but Alberto escapes and clamps on the cross arm breaker. Eli turns the submission into a pin attempt and Alberto is forced to relinquish it. Drake goes for broke, charging at Alberto but he misses, gets caught in the ropes and Alberto double foot stomps him from there to secure the victory.

Alberto El Patron defeats Eli Drake by pinfall to earn a shot at The GFW World Championship next week

Impact ends with Alberto celebrating his victory, as Josh Mathews hypes next week’s show.

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