Impact Wrestling Results For June 17th: Contract Signing

  • Show: Impact Wrestling
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Date: June 17th, 2015
  • Airing on the Destination America

Impact begins with Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero letting us know of the contract signing between EC3 and TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle.



Mike Tenay is in the ring and he will oversee the contract signing. EC3’s music hits and he is accompanied to the ring by Tyrus. Tenay then announces Angle and the champ heads to the six-sided ring. Tenay asks for pre-match comments from Angle, but EC3 interrupts. He says he’s been preparing for a world title match since his TNA debut. He says Angle is the greatest wrestler who has ever lived. He runs down the list of stars Angle has beaten by using the nicknames of Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, and others.

EC3 says what sets him apart from those legends is the fact that he is undefeated in singles competition. He then claims that Angle can’t beat him and that he’s the end point of Angle’s reign. He calls Angle’s title a big flaming torch that’ll be passed to him before signing the contract.

Angle asks Tenay how many contract signings he’s participated in. He guesses 100 as Tenay nods his head in approval. He says the big fights were made for him. He calls EC3 talented, but a spoiled little brat. Angle says he still believes he, himself is the greatest wrestler alive. He asks EC3 what’s gonna happen when he loses. He says EC3 will have to look himself in the mirror and the loss will haunt him forever. He wishes EC3 luck and then signs the contract.

Tenay reminds both competitors of the mutual agreement they have made. They will be in tune-up matches and will pick each other’s opponent. Angle picks Lashley as EC3’s opponent. Lashley makes his entrance and stops at the ramp to point at the number one contender.

-Commercial Break-

A graphic appears hyping next week’s triple threat X Division title match between Low-Ki, Tigre Uno, and Grado. We are then shown a video package highlighting the Best of 5 Series.

The Wolves are out and ready for the fourth match in the Best of 5 Series. Davey Richards grabs a mic. He says The Wolves always come out with the support of Wolves Nation. He talks about the hard work the team constantly puts in the dojo to become the best tag team in the world. He puts over the TNA tag team titles as the belts that prove who the best team in the world is. He talks about defeating the Bromans, the Hardyz, and Team 3D. He says the Dirty Heels are in for a war after their heel tactics (go figure) cost them match three, two weeks ago. Eddie Edwards calls out Austin Aries and Bobby Roode for match four.

Bobby Roode walks out alone with a mic. He looks confused and tells The Wolves they won’t be calling the shots tonight. He reminds them of the TNA title match Aries and Angle had last week. He claims Aries isn’t medically cleared to compete and he’s at home in Los Angeles. He says his team will decide when match four takes place.

Edwards insinuates that Roode and Aries are full of it. He dares Roode to challenge him or Richards to a singles match tonight. Roode eggs on the crowd before declining the match. Roode then backtracks and makes a proposition. The winner of tonight’s singles match gets to pick the stipulation for the fourth match in the Best of 5 Series. Richards accepts, but Edwards wants to be the one to face Roode.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Bobby Roode vs. Eddie Edwards

Roode kicks Edwards in the midsection to start things off. Edwards fights back, but Roode backs him against the ropes. Edwards throws Roode out the ring and launches himself for a suicide dive. He lands a chop to the chest of Roode. Back in the ring, Roode kicks Edwards and he rolls back in. Edwards whips Roode into the corner and goes for a running attack, but runs into the boots of Roode.

Roode starches Edwards with a back elbow and latches on a headlock. Edwards powers out but takes a front face suplex for his efforts. Edwards gains some momentum and he trades forearms with Roode. Edwards hits the Chin Checker, but Roode barely kicks out.

Edwards climbs the top turnbuckle and misses the double foot stomp. This allows Roode to execute a spine buster for a near fall. Richards urges Edwards to get back in the fight. Roode spits in Richards’ face. Richards is heated and with the referee distracted, Roode calls for Aries to hit the ring. Aries slides a chair in the ring, but Roode misses his shot on Edwards. Roode goes for the shot a second time, but Richards grabs the chair and Edwards gets a school boy pin for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Richards grabs a mic and picks the stipulation for match four in the Best of 5 Series. It’ll be Full Metal Mayhem.

We cut to a promo showcasing Lashley and his goal of becoming TNA world champion once again. A graphic is then shown to hype up his bout against EC3 later tonight.

Jeremy Borash is in the back and he said he was originally supposed to interview Bram’s opponent for tonight, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Joseph Park appears and says he is no longer the attorney he once was. He says he lost everything, even his teeth. He’s going to accept Bram’s challenge.

We cut to Bram and he chases after yet another cameraman and pummels him to the ground.

-Commercial Break-

A black and white video of Drew Galloway is shown. He talks about being surrounded in a world of negativity. He says the negativity is impacting his love for professional wrestling. He urges everyone to stand with him and show their impact.

Park is out in the ring with Bram. As he rips Bram for his actions on Impact, Bram nails him in the midsection.

Singles Match: Bram vs. Joseph Park

It’s all Bram in the beginning. He kicks Park and even slaps him in the corner. Park is able to reverse and slaps Bram back. Rights and lefts from Park to the body are ineffective as Bram plants him with a clothesline. Bram continuously punches Park in the head. He leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He goes for a shot, but Park flips him on his back. Park picks up the chair, but Bram nails him with a forearm to the back of the head.

Bram goes right back to the outside and grabs a kendo stick and a table. He sets the table up in the corner and grabs the kendo stick. Park nails Bram with a low blow and bashes him repeatedly with the kendo stuck. Chokeslam connects for Park, but Bram’s shoulder was up before the three count. Bram spears Park through the table and secures the victory.

Winner: Bram

Taryn is on her bed and says she loves playtime. She says she has a game to show Brooke and Awesome Kong. She says she wants them out of her life forever. She was able to secure a stipulation for tonight’s tag team match. She says if Brooke and Kong defeat The Dollhouse, they will both get a shot at the Knockouts title. If they lose, they will never be able to challenge Taryn for her belt.

“The world is burning,” says a video ending with the words, “playtime is over.”
-Commercial Break-

Knockouts Tag Team Match: The Dollhouse vs. Brooke and Awesome Kong

Immediately Marti Bell and Jade attack Brooke on the outside. Awesome Kong’s music plays and she bulldozes Jade on the ramp. Brooke brawls with Bell and Kong drags Jade to the inside. Taryn distracts Brooke, allowing Jade to level her with a forearm. Bell uses the middle rope to choke Brooke. The Dollhouse continues to double teamed Brooke. Jade hits a suplex on Brooke, but fails to get a three count. Jade misses a standing moonsault, allowing Brooke to tag Kong in.

Kong clotheslines Bell twice and lands a scoop slam. Dropkick from Jade momentarily staggers Kong. The Dollhouse attempt to suplex Kong, but obviously that didn’t work and Kong instead suplexed them. Brooke charged at Jade and connected with a spear. Bell leaps off the middle turnbuckle straight into a chokeslam from Kong. Brooke is tagged in and she leaps off Kong’s shoulders for an elbow drop, pinning Bell.

Winners: Brooke and Awesome Kong

We are given a look at what triggered the feud between Chris Melendez and Eric Young. We are informed Melendez will call out Young when the program returns from the break.

-Commercial Break-

Christy Hemme announces Melendez and he high fives the crowd as he enters the ring. Melendez said when Young took off his prosthetic leg at Hardcore War, he disrespected the uniform he wore and the country he fought for. Melendez says even with one leg, he won’t be stopped from fighting Young. He tells Young to get his ass to the ring.

Young is out and stops at the ramp. Young calls Melendez a hero and that he made a huge sacrifice in war. He calls Melendez a living, breathing American hero as he heads to the ring. Young says he doesn’t care about Melendez, the fans, or anyone. He calls himself the five-star general and he’s a god. He calls Melendez a nobody.

Young says taking Melendez’s leg off was off the top of the head. He says imagine what he’ll do when he has time to think about it. He asks Melendez if he really wants to compete against a maniac next week. Melendez says Eric is right that he wants to beat Young’s ass. Melendez accepts the challenge.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Jessie Godderz vs. DJ Z

DJ Z rushes to the ring and takes Godderz down and rains down punches. He lands a dropkick, a jawbreaker, and a back elbow off the middle turnbuckle. Z attempts a hurricanrana, but Godderz turns it into a powerbomb. Godderz rubs his forearm across the head of Z. He locks in a Boston Crab and Z taps.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

After the match, Godderz paces around the ring and asks if people are that stupid. He calls himself the man and the only time he felt like them or Z, was when he was with the Bromans, as he steps on Z’s ankle. He says he’s the sole reason the Bromans won the tag team titles. He chokes Z and asks him how it feels to be a loser. He lifts Z over his head, but Robbie E attacks him. They trade punches, but eventually E gets the best of Godderz.

Matthews talks about Magnus demanding a microphone and he will head to the ring and call out James Storm after the break.

-Commercial Break-

Magnus makes a beeline for the ring. He says he’s going to start cracking heads until Storm shows up. He says he’s not leaving the state until Storm shows his “rat bastard face.” Security shows up and Magnus warns them he will beat them all down. Storm’s music hits and he is on the ramp … how is he not in jail again?

Storm says Magnus is the one who looked like the jealous guy throughout his antics. He says it was Magnus who had a TV camera following Mickie around. He tells Magnus imagine what she was doing when the cameras were off. Magnus quickly went out of the ring and chased after Storm, but security held him back. Storm quickly went to the back to bring out a stroller presumably with Magnus’ child inside. He calls Mickie a sorry excuse for a woman and Magnus is a sorry excuse for a man.

Magnus fought off enough to blast Storm in the head with a forearm. He attacks Storm again and starts punching security. Storm threw the carriage off the stage, but it was revealed that a doll was inside.

A video package showcasing EC3’s TNA run is on display and this leads to his main event match with Lashley.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: EC3 (w/Tyrus) vs. Lashley

EC3 stalls when the bell rings by shoving himself through the middle rope, forcing referee Earl Hebner to intervene. EC3 punches Lashley, but receives a clothesline. Lashley goes for the Dominator, but EC3 slips out. Punches by Lashley in the corner, followed by a foot choke. Tyrus grabs Lashley’s leg and EC3 takes advantage. Lashley suplexes EC3 and EC3 rolls out the ring.

EC3 lands a dropkick from the apron. Tyrus gives EC3 a chair but Hebner takes it from him and throws it outside. Tyrus wedges the chair in the corner. Lashley eventually regains control inside the ring. He nails EC3 with a spinebuster. Lashley goes for a Spear, but he goes headfirst into the chair in the corner. EC3 fails to secure a three count. EC3 goes for the One Percenter, but he is shoved off into Henber.

Lashley blasts EC3 with the Spear, but Hebner is down. Tyrus elbows Lashley in the ring. Josh Matthews is glowing about EC3’s antics, yet he was complaining about Taryn’s tactics earlier … okay?

Anyway, a second referee who doesn’t care that Tyrus interfered in the match counts to two and Lashley kicks out. Tyrus spikes the second referee in the throat. He charges at Lashley, but runs into a Spear. EC3 nails Lashley with a chair shot to the back. He hits the One Percenter and Hebner makes the three count.

Winner: EC3

Thanks for watching along and we’ll see you next time.

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