Impact Wrestling Results For June 24th: Jeff Jarrett Returns To TNA!

  • Show: Impact Wrestling
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Date: June 24th, 2015
  • Airing on the Destination America

EC3 is with Tyrus in the back and he closes someone’s laptop as he smiles and walks away. Borash stops EC3 to ask him who he’s chosen to be Kurt Angle’s opponent tonight. EC3 brags about his win over Lashley. He tells Angle good luck without revealing the opponent and grabs the mic before walking away.



The TNA world champion makes his way to the ring. Angle says EC3’s campaign to his world title opportunity will end. He says bell to bell no one is better than him. He calls out EC3 to reveal the mystery opponent. EC3’s theme hits and he stops at the ramp.

The title challenger tells Angle it won’t take an army of 10,000 to beat him, but it’ll be “the one.” He says Angle is only the best for now. Angle tells EC3 to “shut your damn mouth.” He tells EC3 that he will tap in their title bout and his opponent tonight will tap as well. EC3 just said, “tapperoo.” He claims he will never tap out. He brags about beating Sting, Lashley, Anderson and Bully Ray. He says there isn’t a man in the world who can beat him.

Angle says EC3 is obsessed with himself. He questions how many times EC3 stares at himself in the mirror. He says EC3’s ego will bite him in the ass. Angle states he will make EC3 tap and that his ego won’t help him. EC3 heads towards the ring and dares Angle to make him tap now. He has second thoughts and reveals Angle’s opponent for tonight. It’s Matt Hardy.

X Division Title Elimination Match: Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Grado

Low Ki slaps Grado to start and throws Uno out the ring. Grado starts a combination on Low Ki, but a chop interrupts that. Uno tires to lift Grado, but those plans fail and Grado bodyslams him. Grado goes to the top turnbuckle, but Low Ki pushes him off and uses the “Warrior’s Way” to eliminate Grado.

Grado is eliminated.

Uno goes for a reverse hurricanrana but is slammed face first. Low Ki kicks Uno in the chest. He goes for the “Warrior’s Way,” but Uno stops him. With Low Ki on the turnbuckle and Uno on the apron, Uno connects with a springboard hurricanrana. Low Ki kicks out at two. Low Ki charges at Uno in the corner but slams into the turnbuckle. Uno hits the Sabretooth Splash to become the new X Division champion.

Winner and new X Division champion: Tigre Uno

Christy Hemme walks in the ring after the match and Uno tells her it’s the greatest night of his life.

Jeremy Borash is in the back hyping up tonight’s matches when Bram interrupts him. He calls out any past TNA competitor and calls them dinosaurs. He says he doesn’t care who it is and walks off. A huge gloved hand appears on Borash’s shoulder and Borash says, “it’s time.”

-Commercial Break-

The Dollhouse are on their bed. Taryn Terrell says she’s not happy with Marti Bell and Jade. She said she asked them for “one tiny little thing” and they couldn’t do it. She reminds them that she has to defend her Knockouts title against Awesome Kong and Brooke. Bell and Jade blame each other for last week’s tag team loss to the new title challengers. Taryn says the Dollhouse will be on her side for their match at Slammiversary.

Angelina Love is out and she tells Velvet Sky this is her last chance to get her spot back on the roster.

Knockout Singles Match: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky

Love slaps Sky and that sends her off the deep end. She tackles Love and pounds her head to the canvas. Love is thrown to the outside and Sky rams her into the ring post. Love rolls back in the ring and dropkicks Sky before she could get back in. Back in the six-sided ring, Love knees Sky in the jaw.

Love goes up the top turnbuckle, but Sky pulls her leg and sends her crashing down. She lands a kick to the head of Love. Love misses the bicycle kick and Sky hits the stunner and earns her job back.

Winner: Velvet Sky

The Dirty Heels are by a staircase. Austin Aries and Booby Roode reminisce about their old training days. They say they can’t recall any tables, ladders or chairs being used in their training sessions. Aries says they’ve found the formula to beat the Wolves.

-Commercial Break-

MVP is on the phone. He calls wannabe journalists pathetic leaches who claim they have “inside information” on the Beatdown Clan. He calls himself a master strategist.

Best of 5 Series Match #4 (Full Metal Mayhem): The Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

The Dirty Heels get in headlocks early, The Wolves use their fast paced offense to get the advantage. The teams all grab chairs and attempt to hit each other with the objects. All of them are blocked and The Dirty Heels take a break on the outside. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards attempt suicide dives, but they run into a ladder.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back and The Dirty Heels have the edge on their opponents. They land drop toeholds on The Wolves right into chairs. They hurl Richards and Edwards into a ladder perched in the corner. Aries drills a dropkick on both men. The Wolves counter and slam trashcan lids and chair into The Dirty Heels.

The Wolves land three straight suicide dives. Edwards gives Richards a chain and he ties it around his boot. He misses a kick and Aries counters into Last Chancery. Edwards smashes a trashcan on Aries to disrupt the submission. A powerbomb/missile dropkick combo sends Edwards through a table. The Wolves attempt a double team, but Roode low blows Edwards and Aries get the pin.

Winners: The Dirty Heels

Matt Hardy is speaking with Borash. He says he wants to become the TNA world champion. He calls EC3 a “piece of” when EC3 interrupts him. He tells Matt to kiss the ring if he wants a shot at his soon to be title holder. Matt asks EC3 what his legacy will be if Angle makes him tap.

The camera pans back to “The Pope” and Josh Matthews. They looked stunned at who they see entering the Impact Zone. It’s Jeff Jarrett and Karen. Jeff is in his Global Force Wrestling shirt. He thanks fans for their welcoming gesture.

Jeff says hell froze over. He talks about promoting one of his GFW shows when TNA contacted him. He questioned what they wanted from him. They said they wanted him to come back for a match. They said they wanted him to be in a King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary.

He mentions great moments in TNA. He mentions Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Beer Money. He gives Karen the mic and she says she loves him. She talks about Global Force Wrestling being their future and the crowd cheered. She admits she’s still not quite behind the decision to appear on TNA, she’ll always be behind Jeff.

Jeff says come hell or high water he will win the King of the Mountain match. His theme song plays and he and Karen get a nice ovation.

-Commercial Break-

Bram is in the ring waiting for his opponent. It’s Vader.

Singles Match: Bram vs. Vader

Vader imposes his will on Bram early on with punches to the body and a clothesline. Vader is being punched in the corner and he takes off his own mask. Bram slams Vader and Vader returns the favor by bulldozing him. Vader goes for the Vader Bomb and he hits it, but Bram gets his foot on the bottom rope. Bram grabs a wrench and nails Vader with it. Referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell.

Winner: Vader

Bram stomps on Vader when Matt Morgan storms the ring and he hits a fallaway slam on Bram and clotheslines him out the ring.

Singles Match: Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young

Young stomps on Melendez in the corner. DDT lands for Young, but Melendez kicks out. Young launches him out the ring. Young hits a neckbreaker, but fails to get a three count. Melendez begins to rally. He connects with a bevy of forearms. Eventually Young hits the Piledriver for a rather quick victory.

Winner: Eric Young

-Commercial Break-

The Beatdown Clan and The Rising are brawling on the ramp. Hernandez appears and the numbers game is too great for The Rising. Hernandez plants Drew Galloway with the Border Toss. MVP announces Hernandez as the newest member of The Beatdown Clan.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy

Matt charges at Angle, but he runs into a belly to belly suplex. Scoop slam connects for Angle and he applies a headlock. Matt gets out of it and hits a Russian leg sweep. Angle gets control and hits three german suplexes in a row. Side Effect connects for Matt, but Angle kicks out. Angle counters the Twist of Fate with the Angle Slam. Matt kicks out at two.

Angle goes for the Ankle Lock and Matt counters with a rollup, but fails to get a pinfall. Matt misses a moonsault and Angle hits three german suplexes once again. Matt gets a second Side Effect and once again Angle kicks out. Matt hits a third and fourth Side Effect, but he can’t get a three count. He hits the Twist of Fate, but Angle gets his shoulder up.

A second Twist of Fate attempt fails and Angle counters with the Ankle Lock for the win.

EC3 and Tyrus attack Angle after the match but Matt helps to fight them off. Angle nails Tyrus with the Angle Slam. Angle trips EC3 and latches on the Ankle Lock. EC3 taps as the show ends.

Thanks for watching along and we’ll see you next time.

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