Impact Wrestling Results For June 3rd: Tag Team Match

Show: Impact Wrestling



Airing On: Destination America

Location: Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Date: 6/03/15

Impact opens up with a rather odd version of EC3’s theme performed by a group. He makes his way down the ramp with female escorts and Tyrus. EC3 says tonight is a “night for America” because he is the new number one contender for the TNA world title. EC3 asks Tyrus if he’s excited and tells him to dance. Tyrus starts shaking his leg and arm, going back to his Brodus Clay days. EC3 says there will be no dancing because this is a serious matter. He tells Kurt Angle to head to the ring so he can celebrate his final days as the champion.

Angle’s entrance music hits and he heads for the ring. Angle says Verne Gagne and Lou Thez would roll over in their graves. Angle tells EC3 he can’t wait for the day he shuts his ass up. He reminds EC3 that the X-Division champion Rockstar Spud can cash in a world title opportunity before EC3 gets the chance to get his shot. EC3 says Angle is ducking him and thinks Angle is playing a game. He says he will make Spud an offer he can’t refuse. He then tells Tyrus to, “book some blonds.” EC3 tells his music group to serenade Angle. As a result, one of the singers gets an Angle Slam.

Lashley makes his way down the aisle and he is ready to take on Eric Young.

Lashley vs. Eric Young

Lashley immediately launches Young into the ring. He then drags Young to the outside. They’re back in the ring and Young is on the receiving end of a clothesline. Lashley follows that up with a delayed vertical suplex. With Lashley on the apron, Young uses the second rope to nail a kick to the back of Lashley’s head. Young uses his shin to rake Lashley’s eyes. EY applies a chin lock as the crowd urges Lashley to get back in the fight.

Young lands a neckbreaker. He attempts a figure four leglock, but Lashley sends him flying outside the ring. Lashley lands a spinebuster and covers Young for a two-count. Lashley attempts The Dominator, but Young slips away. Lashley then goes for a powerslam, but is raked in the eyes. Young goes for a piledriver but is distracted by Chris Melendez. Lashley gets a back body drop and hits the spear for the win.

Winner: Lashley

After the match, Melendez storms the ring and goes after Young. Lashley restrains Melendez as EY leaves the ring.

Backstage, Spud is holding his X-Division title. He says now he has the option to trade in all his hard work for a shot at the TNA world title. Spud says he doesn’t know what his decision will be.

Taryn Terrell is with Marti and Jade talking about breaking Gail Kim’s ring finger. Taryn says she will give Awesome Kong a shot at the Knockouts championship in the future.

Melendez is in the back and he is heated. He says he’s pissed that EY looked surprised when he showed up during his match. He says Young has put him in a place he hasn’t been in a long time. He challenges EY to a fight.

We then cut to Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries, who is holding his Feast or Fired briefcase. Aries tells Spud when he created Option C back in 2012, he didn’t want to throw away the X-Division title like it didn’t mean anything. He tells Spud, he can be the first person to forgo the world title opportunity and stay as a fighting champion in the X-Division. He tells Spud he’s not trying to manipulate him, it’s just food for thought.

Jade vs. Brooke

Brooke counters Jade’s early attack with a rollup and almost gets the three-count. Jade lands a dropkick and sends Brooke out of the ring. Marti clotheslines Brooke on the outside as Earl Hebner was being distracted by Jade. Jade gets a full mount and she is hammering on Brooke. She then holds Brooke’s hair and kicks her face multiple times.

Jade tells Brooke, “this is our house,” before getting rolled up for just a two-count. Jade connects with a big boot. Brooke sees an opening and lands a clothesline off the second rope. Jade misses a springboard moonsault and Brooke hits a facebuster. Marti puts Jade’s foot on the bottom rope. With Marti pulled on the apron by Brooke, Jade goes for a big boot, but Brooke moves and Marti is sent to the outside. Brooke lands what was once called the “Tess-Shocker” to get the victory.

Winner: Brooke

EC3 is interviewed backstage by Jeremy Borash. EC3 says Spud deserves to be a champion, but his glass ceiling is at the X-Division. Tyrus interrupts EC3, giving him what looks like an iPhone, but the Apple logo is blurred out. EC3 answers the call and walks away.

We return from the break and are shown Brooke and Rebel celebrating Brooke’s victory over Jade. Brooke thanks Rebel for being a great friend and giving her support. Rebel is confronted by Marti and Jade and they beat her down.

The Rising vs. The BDC

Eli Drake and MVP start the match off. Drake gains steam with a suplex and a nice counter slam off the big boot. His momentum is halted when Kenny King strikes him in the back. Low Ki is tagged in and he lands a dropkick to the back of Drake’s head. MVP is back in and gets a headlock on Drake, preventing him from tagging in Drew Galloway.

Low Ki is tagged in again and gets a snapnare followed by a kick to the body. Low Ki misses a body splash in the corner, allowing Drake to tag in Galloway. Galloway goes for a suplex, but Low Ki gets a knee to the head. The counter doesn’t matter as Galloway sends him flying to the corner. Kenny King breaks up a pin and Micah sends King outside. Low Ki attempts a double foot stomp to Galloway, who was in a tree of woe position, but Galloway powers up and lands a belly-to-belly suplex. Micah and Galloway team up for the Doomsday Device to get the win.

Winners: The Rising

In the back, EC3 is asked who he was talking to on the phone. He claims he had a conversation that’s going to change Spud’s life forever.

We are back and a recap of last week’s segment with James Storm and Mickie James is shown. Mickie is in Nashville at the place Storm sent her to. She wonders where everyone is. Storm shows up and Mickie looks confused.

Rockstar Spud makes his entrance holding the X-Division title and is met in the ring with Borash. Spud is asked what his decision will be. Spud says this is a once in a millionth chance. He says he needs more time. Borash says the time is now and asks him again.

Angle comes out and walks to the ring. Angle says Spud is the ultimate underdog. He tells Spud before he makes his decision, he needs to fully understand who he is dealing with. Angle said he’s trained harder in his current reign than any other in his career. He says he’s not losing the belt anytime soon.

EC3 hits the stage with Tyrus. He says Spud’s two X-Division title reigns alone is enough to hang his career on. He tells Spud he’s a fish swimming with sharks. He calls Angle the greatest professional wrestler to ever live until he came along. EC3 says he was on the phone with Dixie Carter and they offer Spud a lifetime contract as chief of staff if he doesn’t exercise Option C. Spud says he loved being chief of staff and that he would’ve done anything for Dixie and EC3. He reminds EC3 that he’s the one who fired him, slapped him, and shaved his hair. He says EC3 never had to work for anything, while he’s had to work for 14 years. He calls EC3 a self-entitled prick and he can shove the offer up his ass. He officially cashes in his title to face Angle in a world title match.

EC3 attacks Spud from behind and leaves the ring. Angle challenges EC3 and Tyrus to a tag team match for later tonight.

The Dirty Heels have a discussion in the back. Aries says they’re 0-2 in the Best of 5 Series because they’ve been playing The Wolves’ game and wrestling instead of doing whatever it takes to win. He gives Booby Roode a grey shirt and says he’ll see him in the ring.

We return to Nashville. Mickie questions where everyone is. Storm says celebrities like to be late. He says she’s glad her talents are getting recognized. He says he can give Mickie so much more. He says the music will always be there. He wants her to be by his side. He calls Magnus a stain and says he can’t provide for her. He wants her and her son to join The Revolution. Mickie says she loves Magnus and they have a family. She tells Storm this is something she would never do. She leaves and Storm stops her and apologizes.

#3: The Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

Aries and Davey Richards kick off the bout. Aries knees Richards in the midsection. Aries quickly hooks in Last Chancery, but Richards reaches the ropes. Roode is in and The Wolves go to town on his arm. The team gets a drop toehold and jumping knee combination. Eddie Edwards lands a back body drop on Roode. Aries is in and The Wolves knock him off the apron. The Wolves attempt to suplex Roode inside the ring, but Aries sneaks up behind them and attacks their knees.

We return and Roode slams Richards to the mat. Richards gets a double foot stomp on Roode. Richards goes to tag Edwards, but Aries pulls Edwards off the apron. Edwards chops Roode in the corner and is interrupted by Aries. The Dirty Heels go for a double suplex on Edwards, but Richards catches his partner and they throw Aries and Roode out the ring. The Wolves then nail a suicide dive.

Slingshot corkscrew lands for Aries on Edwards. Roode takes advantage, but only gets a two-count. Roode knocks Aries off the apron by accident. Michinoku Driver into a kick fails to get the three-count thanks to Aries. Aries lands a huge dropkick to the jaw of Edwards. Roode then lands a spinebuster followed by a 450 splash from Aries. Edwards kicks out. Aries grows frustrated and throws a chair in the ring and tells Roode to use it. Roode says he can’t do it. Edwards rolls Roode up and narrowly misses the three-count. Aries distracts referee Brain Hebner and Roode nails Edwards with a low blow and a chair shot. Roode gets the three-count.

Winners: The Dirty Heels.

A camera follows Storm and Mickie. He says a train is pulling up. Storm tells Mickie her phone is ringing and Mickie says it isn’t. Storm then purposely bumps Mickie off the platform. Storm says Mickie made her choice, and now he made his. He then picks up the phone and tells Nick (Magnus) that Mickie won’t be making it for dinner.

Madison Rayne is in the ring with a mic. She says she is a little frustrated. She says unless you’re twerking or shoving suckers down people’s throats, you are ignored in the Knockouts division. She expresses her anger over Velvet Sky being allowed to do whatever she wants despite being fired. Sky removes the guardrail and stands on the apron. Rayne says she would love to let off some steam.

Rayne says Sky is just trying to get her spot back. She slaps Sky and receives a spear for her efforts. Sky connects with a stunner. Angelina Love walks down the ramp with her security team and tells them to arrest Sky. Sky attacks the guards and they handcuff her in the middle of the ring. Love says this is what happens to trash like her. Love says slaps Sky twice and then elbows her. Two new guards show up and say Love has assaulted a fan and they have been ordered to handcuff her. Love is cuffed and sent away.

Taryn is back on her bed and says this is the real version of herself. She says Gail Kim found out who she was, Rebel found out who Jade and Marti are, and soon Awesome Kong will find out who she is. She then says she will wipe out the Knockouts division.

 Kurt Angle and Rockstar Spud vs. EC3 and Tyrus

Spud goes after EC3 as soon as the bell rings. He attacks Tyrus and continues the offense on EC3. EC3 and Spud exchange chest chops in the corner. Spud fishhooks EC3 as he talks trash and lands a dropkick. Tyrus claws Spud’s head to stop his momentum. Tyrus is tagged in and he stands on Spud’s back. EC3 is back in and keeps Spud in the corner. Tyrus elbow drops Spud.

EC3 throws Spud in the corner and lands a body splash. Belly-to-belly suplex connects, but Spud eventually rolls under EC3 to tag in Angle. EC3 runs and tags in Tyrus. Angle gets Tyrus out the ring and applies the Ankle Lock on EC3. Tyrus is still the legal man and breaks up the submission. A double team from Angle and Spud gets Tyrus down. Angle hits the Angle Slam and Spud pins Tyrus.

Winners: Rockstar Spud and Kurt Angle

After the match, Aries comes out with his Feast or Fired briefcase. He admires, but questions Spud’s decision to cash in his X-Division title for a world title shot. He says he will cash in his briefcase at Destination X next Wednesday. The winner of Spud vs. Angle will have to meet Aries in the main event.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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