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Inactive Superstar returns to action at NXT Live Event

Mike Kanellis and his entire tenure in the WWE has been a roller-coaster ride and not one that you’d enjoy. Kanellis came to the company’s main roster by skipping NXT and then disappeared to get rid off his addiction.

After coming back, things looked slightly bright for the former 24/7 Champion but he was sidelined once again. After signing a 5-year extension deal with the company, he and his wife Maria Kanellis were featured in a pregnancy angle which was also discontinued in some time.

Later, Kanellis voiced out his frustrations with not being used and said that he’d not want to be miserable in the next 5-years of his tenure. Therefore, he asked for his release but the company didn’t grant it leading him to go inactive and sit at home.

However, it seems like Kanellis is back on the road with the company as he returned to action at last night’s NXT Melbourne, FL live event. Kanellis teamed up with Tony Nese to defeat the team of Nick Ogarelli and Mohamed Fahim.

  • CC

    Why he jumped straight to the main roster when many more established talent have had to go through NXT is beyond me. This is where he should have been in the first place.

  • BB

    He should’ve just went to NXT in the first place, or maybe after he came back from his addiction recovery.