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Does the inaugural UK Champion Tyler Bate have heat backstage?

Dave Meltzer reported earlier this week that there is a reason behind Tyler Bate’s run of bad luck in matches. Since his last loss to Pete Dunne a while back, Bate has gone on a losing streak, losing to Roderick Strong, TJP, Velveteen Dream and Enzo Amore.

According to Meltzer, the reason behind Bate’s supposed heat with the WWE brass has to do with something that occurred before he even lost his title back at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

Meltzer stated that Bate fell out of favor with WWE when Bate couldn’t join the main roster tour in early 2017. Bate had prior commitments, being booked for quite a few indie shows. Supposedly, the WWE had plans to push Tyler Bate to the moon, but his refusal to join the WWE’s tour pushed them to completely halt any push he was going to get.

It’s important to note here that when the WWE brought in the UK guys for the tournament, they knew that they had dates they were booked for after the tournament. WWE knew of Bate’s dates before he even won the title, so it’s possible this could be nothing more than a rumor.

Tyler Bate has commented on this rumor, saying that it’s just something that somebody made up.

  • Soulshroude

    Welcome to social media, where the only thing the “keyboard warriors” and “trolls” can do is to make things up as they go, because they think it keeps things interesting. What ever… damned malware, adware trolls.

  • CC

    Of course it is a rumour. They obviously knew what they were letting themselves in for with the Brit guys as none of them are full time roster members, and all still wrestle on the indy circuit.
    Part of the whole point of them is the champion will carry the title to indy shows as well, and gives WWE a chance to win over a few die hard indy fans.