Indi Hartwell ‘Botches’ Dexter Lumis NXT Match

Indi Hartwell pulled a Mandy Rose and slipped and fell during an NXT match between Dexter Lumis and LA Knight. Samoa Joe Called Out A ‘False’ AEW Star Rumor.



Karrion Kross compared his two NXT Title wins in a new PWInsider interview, “I could definitely say that working with Finn Balor was the … That’s a dream case scenario that anyone should want to have, being able to work with someone that many years deep in the business. Who’s worked everywhere all over the world, success has followed him everywhere he’s gone. His wrestling IQ is completely off the charts.

I was really pleasantly surprised to meet somebody I didn’t have initially a very strong rapport with, just because we were professional acquaintances, that we thought very much alike. We knew what people wanted to see out of that match.

And we synced really well in terms of creating that emotional response, listening that from the live crowd and for people through television. It was awesome. I really actually felt like I was back to myself that night when I was in the ring.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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