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Indie wrestler trolls Ryback in response to accusations from the Big Guy


On a recent edition of his podcast Conversation with The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar and current independent wrestler Ryback accused indie wrestlers of ruining the sport.

Ryback aka Ryan Reeves was associated with the WWE since 2004 in its developmental territories and would eventually make a mark on the main roster as well.

Nevertheless, the 35-year old parted ways with WWE last year following which he’s been performing on the independent circuit.

Regardless of the fact that he himself is an independent wrestler, as of now, Ryback had some stern words for the current crop of indie performers-

“Independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling. It has carried over to WWE, and Hunter (Triple H) and Vince (McMahon) have allowed it to happen. It’s controlled more up there. This isn’t to say that every independent wrestler, but this is one thing that I have ripped on (John) Cena on personal things for the most part, but Cena always was really good at selling the basics really well. One punch and he would sell it, and that is what Rip (Rogers) was alluding to,” 

Weighing in on the recent ‘…dive’ controversy fuelled by Randy Orton, Ryback agreed with Orton and Rip Rogers’ views about indie wrestlers sabotaging the sport of pro-wrestling.

Regardless, a certain indie performer thy name Gran Akuma took notice of the Big Guy’s critical comments, and took to social media to troll Mr. Ryback-

As of the time of this writing, Ryback is yet to respond, if he chooses to that is, to Gran Akuma’s post-

Both Ryback and Gran Akuma currently perform on the independent professional wrestling circuit. Honestly, everyone has the right to voice their opinion. And we ought to respect both Ryback and Akuma’s take on the recent ‘…dive’ fiasco.

Perhaps, we may get to see the Big Guy take on Akuma at an indie show nonetheless…Ryback vs Akuma in Chikara maybe?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Agree, but Ruback can’t do either. And imo is would depend on the wrestlers.

  • MrDr3w

    He’s right though. I’ll take solid ring psychology and a slow, methodical match, where the guys are out of breath and looking like they’re gonna die by the end, over a fast-paced match of no-selling and floppy-floppy dives any day.

  • Johny Payne

    His recent run in the indie circuit has been weird to say the least. He’s better suited to Impact Wrestling actually. With all TNA stars jumping ship to WWE, they should sign this guy right about now.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Ryback has no idea what he’s talking by about to lol. He gets more and more butt hurt every day