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Who Will Induct Edge Into The WWE HOF?, What Happened After Monday’s Raw

— Edge stated during an interview with Aftermath on The Score Monday night that if the choice is his, Christian will induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE announced during the first hour of Monday’s Raw SuperShow that Edge would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night after WrestleMania XXVIII.

— Following Monday’s Raw SuperShow broadcast, Dolph Ziggler cut a promo in which he claimed to have beaten John Cena. Kane then appeared, prompting Ziggler to run off. CM Punk then appeared, but was attacked by Ziggler, Kane and Jack Swagger. Big Show came out to rescue Punk, and was followed by John Cena. Big Show, Punk and Cena all took turns hitting their respective finishers on Swagger.

— In today’s birthdays, Buff Bagwell turns 42 years old, Brian Christopher turns 40 and Colonel DeBeers turns 67.

  • venom

    Christian is the only choice for Edge. I thought the HOF is the night before Wrestlemania? This article says the night after Wrestlemania.

  • CC

    Quite honestly, if anyone other than Christian inducts him, it will be ridiculous.
    Some things are just a given.
    If Jeff Hardy made it in, it would have to be Matt inducting him. If Bubba Ray Dudley made it in, it would have to be D’von inducting him. So with Edge making it in, Christian really is the only choice.

  • Dwayne


  • Davey Zoo

    Matt Hardy to induct please.

  • j.corona

    hey william shatner inducted jerry lawler, so it wouldnt be crazy to say if wwe had lita or gangrel induct edge….wwe sometimes does confusing things

  • It has to be Christian no one else makes sense.

    Also I just started a wrestling podcast WRESTLE HELL first episode is up here: let me know what you think.

  • Sammo

    Edge has stated before in the past that he wouldn’t have anyone but Christian induct him into the Hall of Fame… And surely he’s got enough pull and respect backstage to choose whoever he damn well pleases to have the honour of inducting him!

  • Mark

    Cant really be a more obvious choice can there ???

  • sensation1011

    Edge sucks and is a loser! He should be inducted into the hall of shame!

  • Aaron

    i figured it would just stay Christian in giant letters and that would be it.