Indy Fed Responds to Chavo, Steiner Responds to TNA Lawsuit

– We noted yesterday that TNA is no longer allowing their contracted talents to appear on DVD’s from independent wrestling groups. This new rule reportedly caused Chavo Guerrero to be pulled from an October 6th NSPW show in Canada. Chavo commented on Twitter:



“I will not be appearing @NSPW on Oct 6 due to them not honoring their contract. They decided last min that they wanted to tape & sell DVD’s Of me & that was never discussed. That is of course illegal to film & distribute w/out permission. I’m sorry to ppl who have already paid But that is completely on @NSPW plz don’t blame me. I’m still willing to hold up my end of the deal. Plz take your complaints to @NSPW”

The people at NSPW responded:

“Due to TNA deciding that their talent cant appear on indy feds’ dvd, we hav no choice but to cancel Chavo Guerrero’s appearance on Oct. 6th. Mr. Guerrero’s claim that we decided last minute to tape and sell dvds is incorrect has we have done dvds of all of our shows. It is just not possible to cover the cost without dvds of the event. Never in the past has this been an issue with any guests. NSPW finds the situation and the decision made by TNA to prevent talent from appearing on dvds to be unfortunate. NSPW doesn’t hold anything against Mr Guerrero and wishes him nothing but the best with TNA Wrestling. A suitable replacement for our Main Event will be announced tonight!”

– Former TNA star Scott Steiner has responded to TNA’s lawsuit against him, the one that was filed back in June and claimed that Steiner breached his TNA contract by making disparaging remarks about the company, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and others. TNA has been seeking damages and an injunction to stop Steiner from speaking out. Steiner responded on September 10th and has counter-sued the company, alleging that they breached their contract with him.

Steiner alleges that TNA failed to properly provide “an accounting of all Royalty payments” due to him, failed to provide “royalty statements of all merchandise royalties and video royalties” owed to him and “failed to pay all royalties” due to him. Steiner has demanded judgment in a “yet to be determined amount.” Steiner is denying that he ever agreed not to speak out against TNA and that speaking out against them would breach his deal. Steiner is demanding that the TNA lawsuit against him be thrown out or court. He wants a jury trial if the case goes to trial.

Source: PWInsider

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