Indy Wrestler Kills WWE Rumors, Hacksaw Duggan Speaks on Using Bret’s Theme

– Independent worker Chris Hero shot down rumors of WWE talks in a Twitter update Sunday morning: “I haven’t spoken w/ WWE despite rumorrrz,” wrote Hero.



– In an interview with SLAM! Wrestling, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan discusses his appearance on RAW last month where Bret Hart’s music played, but he appeared.

“I definitely had a few reservations about doing it,” said Duggan. “They threw a little curveball at me. Bret and I have been friends for quite a few years. There was a huge pop until the fans realized I wasn’t Bret. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind it, but it got everybody in Canada talking about WWE. It took me 13 hours to get home. So I’ve been joking that’s why it took me so long. Even though I carry the American flag, I can appreciate how passionate Canadians are about their country.”

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