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Injury status of NXT referee who finished match with broken leg

NXT is WWE’s developmental brand for the next generation of superstars on the main roster, but it also is the home of referees and other staff as well.

During the Tyler Breeze vs Velveteen Dream match on NXT,  NXT referee Tom Castor broke his leg but managed to finish the match despite the injury. He displayed his passion for the professional wrestling business. However, it seems that his leg wasn’t the issue, but the injury is serious nonetheless.

PW Insider confirmed that Castor broke his ankle during the match. It’s a painful injury and he truly deserves applause for finishing the match.

Hopefully, Castor will recover sooner rather than later and return to his job, as he impressed many people with his showing on Thursday night in Omaha.

  • Soulshroude

    This is what you get when your article writer is a “English isn’t my first language” puppet.

  • CC

    WTF is this article even going on about? It says “NXT referee Tom Castor broke his leg”, then follows it up with “it seems that his leg wasn’t the issue” , and finishes with “Castor broke his ankle”.

    So why say he broke his leg at the start if you then turn around and say it wasn’t his leg, it was his ankle?

  • rob

    did someone run him over wth a car or something? lol wtf, i bet it was rikishi