Inside Details On WWE’s NXT Concept




Fans have been wondering what exactly WWE NXT will be since Vince McMahon announced that ECW would end its run on Syfy and be replaced by the “next evolution” of WWE.

The word going around is that the NXT concept will be portrayed as a “reality” based series featuring new wrestlers who viewers will be able to follow inside and outside of the ring. Fans will be able to follow wrestlers from day one and get their personal insight, their background and goals, creating a different sense of deeper insight, etc.

As it stands now, the concept appears similar to WWE’s former Tough Enough series with talent not only feuding with each other, but for the opportunity to become the “next” big WWE Superstar and move onto Raw or SmackDown.

WWE has been pitching different concepts for the series and formalizing plans since the fall, but all signs to point to this concept being the nucleus of NXT.

See Santino Marella’s mug shot ->

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